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Telecommuting and telework in the news.


Not too long ago I wrote a rather snarky piece about Finding Telework, prompted mostly by people commenting and sending me emails wanting to know THE place online to find legitimate jobs. I braced myself for some strong feedback because I tried to speak the truth and let’s face it, total honestly isn’t always well received.

I did get some response but, to my surprise, the comments all… >>Continue reading FlexJobs

Vacations, Staycations, and Daycations

amusement park swingsIt’s nearly summertime, this is the last week of school, and we’re getting ready for a quick vacation next week. We tend to take off right after school lets out to celebrate some much needed family time after the hustle of spring sports and end-of-the-school-year testings and events finally winds down.

I like vacation time and traveling somewhere to do something… >>Continue reading Vacations, Staycations, and Daycations

Entervista: The Truth About Interview Travel Expenses

I belong to the Recruiting Blogswap, not because I love the idea of reprinting the same articles you can find elsewhere, but because I like to keep up with what’s happening in the world of job recruiting as it pertains to telecommuting and finding telework. Today’s article, The Truth About Interview Travel Expenses, is quite interesting and super-short so I’m reprinting it here (along with some notes about… >>Continue reading Entervista: The Truth About Interview Travel Expenses

Coworking Telecommuters

It sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it. Telecommuters, by definition, don’t really have coworkers in the traditional sense of the word. I do “work with others” so I do have coworkers, but not physically. Physically, I work alone all day, every day…

I was reading Organized Coworking (about CNN’s work at home

USA Today’s Best Columnists’ Opinion Yet

Yesterday Laura Vanderkam wrote one of the best articles about telecommuting that I’ve read (or written) in a long time. What’s more, she wrote it late at night in comfy attire! That’s right, she admitted to being in her bedroom and in her PJs. I can’t help but wonder if she’d have come up with such a strong argument for telecommuting in such a thought-provoking way had she been forced… >>Continue reading USA Today's Best Columnists' Opinion Yet

Telework is a Triple Win Situation

At least according to the panelists featured on the The Federal Executive Forum on Telework…

Last Tuesday FederalNews published Jeff Erlichman’s Telework Into the Future. Erlichman, Founder and President of Public Sector Communications, has an extensive background of providing editorial content for the Federal News Radio as well as a myriad of other Government IT related publications such as Federal Computer Week… >>Continue reading Telework is a Triple Win Situation

Is Less Money for Telecommuters Fair?

I received a comment in my comments que this morning from a guy who’s planning to move and has been given the green light to telecommute from his current employer, but he has some questions about it. Instead of trying to answer in the comments thread, I’ve decided to answer him right here instead (easier on the eyes and a really, really good point to discuss I think)!

Here’s… >>Continue reading Is Less Money for Telecommuters Fair?

Millionaire Mentor Comment & More

A while back I received, and approved, a comment on an earlier post that I’d promised to follow up on. I’d nearly forgotten about it, but since I only allowed the comment to be posted with the intention of doing a little further research and an additional post about it, I figured it’s high time to do just that.

The comment was left in response to Advice

Telecommuters count their blessings, one pair of sweats at a time

Geared at the work-from-home corporate job market, this article from accountingWEB is one of the best telecommuting landscape articles I’ve read in a while. When someone does such a good job of compiling quotes and data from reliable sources there’s nothing left to do but link to it. Although I wish the article linked back to its sources, it’s still worth the read.

Read Telecommuters count their

Telecommute Already? Employ Telecommuters?

If you do, then Derek Sheppard (at the Kitsap Sun paper out of Bremerton, WA) is looking for you. He’d like to ask you a few questions about what it’s like for a story he’s doing. Here’s what he says:

I’d like to provide some perspective from people who a.) Work from home, or b.) Employ people who work from home.

I’m not talking about a home-based… >>Continue reading Telecommute Already? Employ Telecommuters?

Perfect Masters Degrees For The Telecommuter

Some of the pleasures of working from home include preparing lunch here instead of having to grab fast food on the run , being able to control my work atmosphere, and saving one to two hours out of the day (along with saving gas) which would usually be set aside for the daily commute. Lately I’ve been thinking that maybe those extra hours could be put into more than the… >>Continue reading Perfect Masters Degrees For The Telecommuter

The Grass is Always Greener

NetworkWorld has an article by Ann Bednarz discussing a recent study by a management professor in the Lally School of Management & Technology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y.,Teleworkers Can Damage Main Office Work Environment.

The study looked at 240 professional employees in a mid-sized company and found that the more teleworkers there were, the unhappier those who are left in the office tend… >>Continue reading The Grass is Always Greener