Do You Own a Laptop?

I’m on vacation this week – physically. Fortunately for me (or unfortunately if your glass happens to be half empty), that doesn’t mean I’m cut off from work. I like my work, so I take it with me.

I load any of my current project files onto a jump drive, toss my laptop in my laptop bag, grab my little laptob lap desk pillow thingy and I’m ready to roll.

According to an article by David Dizon, “sales of laptop computers will soon outpace global sales of desktop computers due to high demand form a more mobile workforce.” Cool, huh?! But really, more laptops than desktops? I feel somewhat limited when I use my laptop since I don’t have all the cool stuff loaded on here that I have on my desktop at home. Sure, it works for the occasional vacation or convenience of being anywhere BUT my desk at home, but I don’t see a laptop replacing my desktop. Then again, lots of high school and college students rely on a laptop with out ever having the desktop computer taking up space in an already crowded room.

Anyway… the article is still really interesting (even though I saw it quite some time ago). Be sure to check out Laptop sales to outpace desktops by 2009.