Do You Own a Laptop?

I’m on vacation this week – physically. Fortunately for me (or unfortunately if your glass happens to be half empty), that doesn’t mean I’m cut off from work. I like my work, so I take it with me.

I load any of my current project files onto a jump drive, toss my laptop in my laptop bag, grab my little laptob lap desk pillow thingy and I’m ready to roll.

According to an article by David Dizon, “sales of laptop computers will soon outpace global sales of desktop computers due to high demand form a more mobile workforce.” Cool, huh?! But really, more laptops than desktops? I feel somewhat limited when I use my laptop since I don’t have all the cool stuff loaded on here that I have on my desktop at home. Sure, it works for the occasional vacation or convenience of being anywhere BUT my desk at home, but I don’t see a laptop replacing my desktop. Then again, lots of high school and college students rely on a laptop with out ever having the desktop computer taking up space in an already crowded room.

Anyway… the article is still really interesting (even though I saw it quite some time ago). Be sure to check out Laptop sales to outpace desktops by 2009.


  1. Laptops have come a long way in recent years. Unless someone is doing high end graphics rendering or is a power gamer, you can get pretty much the same results out of a laptop as a desktop.

    Most of the work people do involves surfing the web, doing email, working in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and similar office applications. People can even do video editing and photo editing on laptops today.

    It used to be that laptops lagged desktops in power and capability by about a year and a half, but that difference is mostly gone.

    And back at the desk, you can always plug a laptop into an external monitor, keyboard, mouse and network connection.

    Probably 95% of workers out there can do just as well with a notebook as a desktop and with a notebook, they are not tied to their furniture like they are with a desktop.

    Desktops are still a little cheaper, but the freedom of a notebook is worth the premium.

  2. So true. The graphics programs I have on my desktop are about the only thing I don’t installed on my laptop and I do so love the fact that I’m not quite as tied to my furniture as I was in my pre-laptop days.

    I’m also enjoying the heck out of my new MotoQ phone that allows me to answer email on the fly.

  3. My boyfriend bought my new one and totally changed my mind about laptops. I had one that a friend rebuilt for me and it was slow as all get out. My boyfriend felt sorry for me and bought me another one that was rebuilt too but totally amazing. Great memory, great screen size, gawd i’m in loooooove lol. The kids are happy too because i use this one exclusively and they get to use the 2 desktops we have. Mom is happy too because i donated the old laptop to her for her job. She just neeeded it to fill out medication forms for the kids she works with and such so it’s perfect for her. Everyone’s happy, specially me!

  4. Yeah, Nessa – I’m thinking that perhaps I’ve just outgrown my laptop just a tad even though it still works GREAT. You’ve given me a great idea though – perhaps I’ll hand mine down to my kids and go shopping!

  5. I use a laptop exclusively whereas before I favored desktops. I recently had a job where every employee was afforded a laptop, and soon after I got comfortable using a laptop for work, I switched to a laptop with a docking station at home. Of course, I beefed it up a bit too.

    It’s been about 3 years since I purchased my Dell XPS laptop and I must say that I would buy another in a heartbeat. No, I don’t work for Dell…they wouldn’t need my endorsement anyway. 🙂

    Great blog! Cheers!

  6. Awesome, Wayne. Maybe I’d be able to get used to the idea of working solely on laptops, too. I’m still in the “favoring desktops” stage. And you’re right, Dell doesn’t need your endorsement but I’m sure if they’re watching they appreciate it!

    Now, if I could just find a company to work for who’d provide me with a new laptop and other assorted equipment to make my life easier…

  7. Apart from the mobile workforce, there are other factors that increase demand for laptops over desktops. Power consumption in a laptop is less as compared to a desktop, more battery backups: desktop computer cpu doesn’t offer long backup but laptops do that.
    Adjustable: laptops can be adjusted as per your comfort, but a desktop can’t be.
    Apart from these factors there are many more to name.
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