Important FlexJobs Update

I received the following email in my inbox yesterday evening from FlexJobs. If you missed it, you can see my original FlexJobs review. If you signed up for an account, you’ve already received the same notice…
the Benders
The email I received touted that Change is good (which is true in some cases but not so true in other cases). The email also featured the catchy logo I still like (wonder who designed that?) and the pair of “Flexible” workers over there on the right that I find so darn amusing I decided to share them here. Seeing them puts me in a slap-silly good mood regardless of how my day’s going.

I’ll let you read the announcement I received for yourself for now and include a new review of FlexJobs just as soon as I can squeeze in ample time for that. So, without further ado, here’s the change they’re announcing:

Dear Lisa,

Thank you so much for being a member of FlexJobs! It’s been a year since we launched our beta site, and since then we have grown to almost 25,000 users and sent more than 200,000 job emails connecting job-seekers with opportunities.

It’s been amazing, and we plan for this next year to be even better. However, we have realized to provide the kind of top-quality, high-level of service that we aim to, we need to make another change…
The Free Days are Numbered (29, to be exact)

Moving forward, FlexJobs will be charging $14.95 per month for our service. This is already the case for new users of the site. But for you, our current users, we want to extend the following special offers:

o Your current account will stay free through the month of July.
o Subscribe to FlexJobs for August, and automatically get September for free!

We really hope you give it a try! A few important notes:

1. This special “Buy One Get One Free” offer is only valid for current FlexJobs users, such as yourself!
2. To take advantage of it you must subscribe during the month of July.
3. You’ll need to use this special subscription page to login and activate this offer:
4. Also, we’ll refund you if you are not completely satisfied!

More Jobs, Better Service

Hopefully you’ve noticed that we’ve recently added more jobs… lots more jobs! We now include links to “the best of the best” job postings from across the web, therefore bringing you a wider variety and more overall jobs. More of the highlights of changes over the past year:

* Over 100 new telecommuting jobs are posted every week!
* All jobs are now hand-screened by our trained staff.
* A “New Jobs For You” section on your MyFlexJobs page with the most current matching jobs.
* Email alerts are also sent out to let you know about new jobs!
* The option to upload resumes, work samples, and more to supplement your profile.
* Great related news pieces and articles are available to you.

Thank You!

We have really enjoyed serving you over this past year, and hope you give us the chance to continue. If you have any thoughts, questions, or feedback for us, please feel free to contact us.

Have a great day!

The FlexJobs Team