Work at home scams are everywhere.

FTC Cracks Down on Con Artists Who Target Jobless Americans

Scams Prey on Victims of the Recession With Bogus Job, Money-Making Schemes

(CORRECTED For Release: 02/17/2010) The Federal Trade Commission today announced a new crackdown on con artists who are preying on unemployed Americans with job-placement and work-at-home scams, promoting empty promises that they can help people get jobs in the federal government, as movie extras, or as mystery shoppers; or make money working from their homes… >>Continue reading FTC Cracks Down on Con Artists Who Target Jobless Americans

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Beware of DataMoneyOnline

Paul Schlegel over at has done a nice job of reviewing the truth behind the sales page for a popular website that’s currently promising this . . .

DATA MONEY ONLINE is as mindlessly easy as data entry. You don’t need to know anything. You don’t need to be especially smart. Hell, you barely even need to be awake and you can earn your slice of… >>Continue reading Beware of DataMoneyOnline

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TECHONdigital’s A Retail Scam

I fell for this one. Just the other day I wrote about being so excited because I was getting a new digital camera for Mother’s day (along with two great memory cards). Turns out I’m not getting a camera at all — at least not from the retail site we ordered it from.

I know we should have checked out this retail site before we made the purchase, but… >>Continue reading TECHONdigital's A Retail Scam

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Assemble Booklets at Home? Yeah, Right…

Premier Mailing Service, Inc.’s Work At Home Scam Busted

My husband got a letter in the mail just the other day – addressed directly to his more common nickname instead of to his formal name (which makes me wonder where they snagged our address) offering him *UP TO* $4,500 a week for assembling “Get Credit Now” booklets at home.

If you’ve been looking for work at home opportunities… >>Continue reading Assemble Booklets at Home? Yeah, Right...

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Tiny Details – Enormous Headache

I know you think this is a post about how it’s the little things that matter – but it’s not! It’s about a company called Tiny Details! Here’s who they are:

Tiny Details is a home assembly company that creates beautiful and realistic dollhouse miniature accessories. All of our products are assembled in the U. S. A. by people like you who work in their homes at their leisure… >>Continue reading Tiny Details - Enormous Headache

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Dissecting Data Entry Job Sites

If you’re looking online for telecommuting job opportunities, you’ve undoubtedly run across data entry job sites that offer a pre-packaged solution or a membership fee. Let’s face it, most of us can type and would love to be able to easily make money with the skill! However, IF you’re sticking to the tried and true rule of looking for legitimate telecommuting work… “Don’t Ever Pay a Fee to Work”

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Refuse To Be a Victim of Scammers

The other day I heard Dave Ramsey (radio talk show on personal finance) say:

There is no easy way out (he was talking about credit card debt), the easy way out is being grown-up enough to say:There is no easy way out! And THAT’S the easiest way out!

And I thought, dog-gone it, that advice applies to finding a telecommuting job as well! >>Continue reading Refuse To Be a Victim of Scammers

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