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Tiny Details Update – An Assembler’s Point of View

Back in September of 2006, we wrote this post about Tiny Details and how working for them, from home, might just cause more of an enormous headache than it’s worth for the supplemental income it could afford. Over the years we’ve receieved a lot of comments about that post. We started wondering if we were a tad cynical and harsh and admit that we based our opinion solely on… >>Continue reading Tiny Details Update - An Assembler's Point of View

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Biography Writer Wanted (via CraigsList)

A personal PR firm is seeking skilled, detailed writers experienced in writing web copy. This is a remote contract position with flexible hours. We utilize our team of writers on an ongoing basis so this is not a one-time project. As a writer, you will create original content for professional biographies. Client base includes executives, professionals, and businesses. The ideal candidate will consistently write content with the following elements in mind: solid organization and good flow, clear language and word choice, professional tone, high quality of content, right length, correct spelling, punctuation, and syntax. >>Continue reading Biography Writer Wanted (via CraigsList)

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Shirt Wearers Wanted

Okay, shirt-wearing isn’t exactly a highly trained skill. Most of us wear a shirt every day and we certainly don’t get paid for doing so (though, if you work in a traditional cubicle job, you’d probably get fired for not wearing a shirt). There is a bit more to this telecommuting job opening than sporting a different t-shirt every day. You’ll also need to be comfortable in front of the video camera, talking all about the t-shirt you’re wearing that day. That’s definitely a skill. Seriously, if you like the idea of wearing a different logo t-shirt every day and hosting a live webshow (and YouTube video) all about the company who sponsored the shirt, this pretty unique telecommuting job offer is right up your alley. >>Continue reading Shirt Wearers Wanted

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Share Your Passion – Be an Guide

When you’re looking for legitimate work at home jobs it’s pretty common to come across writing gigs that note “$675/mo base” as the compensation. Ever wonder what jobs those listings are referring to?

Well, it’s likely those listings are referring to’s Guide positions. If you’ve been on the Internet for very long at all you’ve probably seen, the website’s been around for quite a long time. In… >>Continue reading Share Your Passion - Be an Guide

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Part Time Article Writers and Bloggers

I love searching CraigsList for part time and freelance writing jobs just out of sheer curiosity. Some of the remote job postings I see are really interesting. Check out these 2 telecommuting opportunities for part time bloggers and article writers:

Need freelance bloggers for part time work. (Work Remotely)
Here’s what the job posting said . . .

I am looking for part time bloggers to write about… >>Continue reading Part Time Article Writers and Bloggers

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Work at Home Writing Gigs at Internet Brands

Internet Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ:INET), is an Internet media company, meaning they publish several websites. They actually own and operate quite a lot of community and ecommerce sites and it turns out they have some writing positions open.

Writing is also a great way to get your feet wet, working at it part-time to get a feel for what it’s like to work from home and be compensated for your work, not your attendance. Lots of telecommuters are either writers by nature or have turned to writing to supplement their work-at-home income. If you’re a writer by nature, it’s easy, but if even if you’re not, it’s still possible to find something that truly interests you and hone your skills. Given the wide variety of subject matters Internet Brands, Inc. deals with, it’s a great place to look for open work at home writing jobs.

Here are a couple of their current openings. >>Continue reading Work at Home Writing Gigs at Internet Brands

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Telecommuting Search Associate Wanted

I found this on Craigslist and it looks pretty interesting, especially if you’re a really outgoing people-person who wants to work from home but not be cocooned in silence with little day to day interaction.

The Good Search is seeking telecommuting search associates to build out our team. We offer hard-to-find work/life balance recruiting from the comfort of your own home for companies considered to be among the… >>Continue reading Telecommuting Search Associate Wanted

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Interesting Telecommuting Job Postings via Craigslist

Short and sweet – here are 3 interesting telecommuting jobs I just saw on Craigslist . . .

  1. Therapeutics Editor (Telecommuting)
  2. “The Therapeutics Editor will work closely with the Global Healthcare Strategist to provide relevant and timely marketplace intelligence for the global investment community. The ideal candidate will possess extensive contacts with physicians, research scientists and industry leaders and demonstrate the ability to develop new relationships

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