Adventures in the daily life of a telecommuter.

HELP: I’m Updating My Cell Phone

I need some advice and I’m hoping some of you can help me out… I’ve been looking at BlackBerry phones and other phones with QWERTY Keyboards but between the “Hot Deals,” the “Best Sellers,” and the user and expert reviews, I’ve managed to simply confuse myself and work up a whopper of a headache.

So here’s the skinny. I’ve carried a cell phone for years but it’s never been… >>Continue reading HELP: I'm Updating My Cell Phone

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Telecommuters Get Lower Insurance Rates?

I just saw this today and am thinking now I’d better call my insurance agent to be sure I’m noted as a “pleasure” driver on our car insurance policy…

From the Consumer Federation of America (CFA):

“Auto insurance rates are partially based on how much you drive and how you use your car,” said J. Robert Hunter, Director of Insurance for CFA and former Texas Insurance… >>Continue reading Telecommuters Get Lower Insurance Rates?

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4-Day Weeks

I actually have 7 day work weeks, but it doesn’t matter how many times I sit down at my desk to work in any given day or week – it doesn’t cost me any gas money to get here. Nor does it require firing up the office cubicle of course.

It’s obvious that with gas prices hovering near four bucks a gallon (at least around here) that more people… >>Continue reading 4-Day Weeks

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Lilly Ledbetter Update & Dunkin’ Donuts

I’ve taken down the widget with a heavy sigh because the campaign for Lilly Ledbetter over at the point failed to meet it’s goal. If you missed it, you can catch up by reading What’s The Point. While the campaign to help inspire Goodyear to give Lilly Ledbetter a fair shake didn’t work out, I’m still quite happy to have learned of both her story, and… >>Continue reading Lilly Ledbetter Update & Dunkin' Donuts

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