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  • 5 Ways to Wreck Your Corporate Telework Program Object from @webworkerdaily #
  • Mobilizing the Federal Workforce – FUN ACRONYM – W2M (workforce and workplace mobilization) – #
  • Technology, training and the growth of telecommuting jobs mean more opportunities for the disabled. Nice OKCBiz story – #
  • Finally exploring the National Broadband Plan (
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6 Common Work at Home Challenges

So, what is it really like to work from home? Maybe you’ve been considering this type of career option or you’ve recently begun telecommuting for a company and you’re wondering what it’s really going to be like. While most folks think working from home is easy, it’s really not quite as easy as it may seem. Just as with any career choice, there are challenges involved . . . and since those challenges seem to be rearing their ugly heads lately, I thought I’d give you a peek at the 6 most common challenges that I face every single day. >>Continue reading 6 Common Work at Home Challenges

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Restless WordPress Theme Syndrome

A look back at Telecommuting Journal over the years . . .

I’ve been working at home since 1998 and blogging about it since January of 2006 (though I really should have started this blog earlier). When I did finally decide to write about it, I chose a domain name and installed WordPress as my blogging platform. Since then, it seems I suffer from restless WordPress theme syndrome (hereafter… >>Continue reading Restless WordPress Theme Syndrome

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Teachers Looking For Summer Work? Consider Telecommuting!

We all know teachers (at least in most public schools in most areas) are underpaid. A lot of the teachers I know look for part-time gigs in the summer and while a decade ago looking for summer work often resulted in retail sales and restaurant positions, today there are part-time telecommuting opportunities that teachers could take advantage of for making that extra bit of income in the summer months.

Here are 2 opportunities I found with a quick search this morning . . . >>Continue reading Teachers Looking For Summer Work? Consider Telecommuting!

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