Chief Home Officer

I found the perfect title for me!
Remember the term “domestic engineers?” Familiar with the whole “SAHM” and “WHAM” phenomena? I never really found a title that seemed to fit everything that I do and am… until today.

I was over at YouTube looking for the any new telecommuting-related videos (some of them are a real hoot and lots that WERE good are no longer allowed to be there). For a quick review, see the 10 Best Telecommuting Videos on YouTube.

So today I ran into this little number:

Not only is it a great way to plug his blog,, it’s fairly entertaining and it’s given me a new, more official-sounding title here around the house. I am now, and forever shall be, known as the CHO.

I’m going to request that my kids call me by my official title in public from now on and when I write notes to school this coming fall, I’ll sign them with my new <b>Chief Home Officer</b> Executive Byline! Shoot, maybe I should be plugging <i>Telecommuting</i>Journal in the byline as well. Can’t hurt, right.

Actually, Jeff Zbar is the original Chief Home Officer. If you’re looking to learn all the stuff that makes home offices work, be sure to visit for solid advice not to mention the latest news from his Home Office Highway series where “vocation meets vacation.”