TECHONdigital’s A Retail Scam

I fell for this one. Just the other day I wrote about being so excited because I was getting a new digital camera for Mother’s day (along with two great memory cards). Turns out I’m not getting a camera at all — at least not from the retail site we ordered it from.

I know we should have checked out this retail site before we made the purchase, but we didn’t. I tend to make purchases from retail sites I’ve shopped before, but occasionally we find something we want and we order it even though we haven’t heard of the retailer. Most of the time we get what we paid for and have a good experience. But from now on, we’ll make sure to open that new browser window and do our homework!

Looking this morning I see that has a nice thread going already about how this site (and many others) scams consumers.

Here’s the background on what happened to me (and lots of others, I’m sure) as well as a warning to all to leave TECHONdigital and the other Digital Nerds sites alone.

We ordered a camera on May 4th from TECHONdigital and got this email reply immediately:

Your order has been received.
Order Date: Sun May 04 09:56:39 2008

Sub Total: $ 315.00
Discount: $ 0.00
Shipping: $ 14.90
Shipping Method: Ground 7-10 Business Days

So that looked good, right. Then on the 5th of May we got another email from TECHONdigital but it wasn’t the “your order has been shipped” email we were expecting to receive. Instead it said this:

Please call william from our order confirmation department at ext: 205 to confirm your order at 800-958-0054

So my husband called to confirm. But the call wasn’t at all to confirm our order, it was actually an attempt to up-sell additional accessories for the camera we’d ordered. My husband explained that we didn’t need anything but what we’d ordered and hung up.

Then on May 9th we got THIS email:

We thank you for your order and appreciate you shopping with us .

Due to the product you ordered being out of stock for 6-8 weeks from today’s date. We regret to inform you that the order is canceled due to the product being on backorder. when or if we get the product again in stock soon will send you an email to place an order please do not resubmit your order again . sorry again and thanks for your understanding .

Ahhhh, so THIS is their Internet retail business model. Offer great prices on digital cameras, email anyone who purchases with an 800 number to confirm the order, make money off the way-over-priced accessories they purchase, and, if they don’t purchase additional accessories, simply ditch all attempts at professional English correspondence and cancel the order.

This is how they do business. Here’s what DifferenceMaker, a user over at, said after he’d gone through the same process of a confirmation call and then an ‘out of stock’ notice:

Their web site said it was “available” so I called. This time I said I would take the 1G sd memory card for $179.00 (it was $120.00 when I confirmed the order) and they told me that both were in stock. When I told him about the email I received, he said it was only available as a package deal but that isn’t what the web site said.

In short, this is a SCAM! They have things but will only sell them to you if you buy the OVER PRICED extras!!!

What a shame and what a disappointment. There’s no money lost, but it’s nearly as bad to suffer the humiliation of ordering from a bait & switch scam artist. I fell for the bait, so I’m writing about it to save others from suffering the same aggravation or worse, save them from actually spending $100 on a memory card they could purchase anywhere else for $29.99!

So stay away from But there’s more. These jerks own domains like it’s going out of style. Whether or not they’re all the same jerk, a network of jerks, or just like-minded jerks who don’t know each other but all attended the same “An Internet Retail Bait & Switch Business Model that Works” conference… I don’t know. But I do know there’s a list of similar sites with similar domain registration information and a lot of resources out there online to help me pre-qualify any retailer I’m thinking of ordering from. So from now on I’ll make better use of those, and make sure my husband looks up a site before ordering from anywhere new as well.

Bait & Switch Sites

Stay Away From:

  • TECHONdigital (techondigital dot com)
  • The Digital Nerds
  • Starlight Camera
  • Accessories Land
  • I.N.S. Digital World
  • Stargate Photo Inc.
  • The Camera Whiz
  • The Digital Expo
  • Wawa Digital
  • Several Warnings I Failed to Look at Prior to Purchasing

  • TechonDigital
  • Yahoo Answers TechonDigital
  • cNet Forums on Techon Digital
  • Digital Nerds
  • Rip-Off Report:
  • – Techondigital Complaint
  • and 86th Street Photo & Video Scam Artists
  • So, Eric Tursan, or whatever your name(s) is(are), I appreciate the headache. Hopefully I can return the favor some day and, if not, the Karma will surely get your sooner or later. What comes around goes around and all that jazz…

    If you’re thinking of purchasing a digital camera (or purchasing anything from any retail site online) look them up on and make sure you don’t see any of this information there:

    eric tursan
    83 ave o
    brooklyn, New York 11204
    United States

    Created on: 20-Jul-07
    Expires on: 20-Jul-10
    Last Updated on: 11-Jan-08

    Administrative Contact:
    tursan, azmat
    83 ave o
    brooklyn, New York 11204
    United States
    (718) 259-4353 Fax —

    Technical Contact:
    tursan, azmat
    83 ave o
    brooklyn, New York 11204
    United States
    (718) 259-4353 Fax —

    I’ve gone over to the BBB and filled out a complaint but I’m sure these guys pop up all over the place and dupe enough people to make it profitable and continue slapping up the bait and switch on multiple domains. New York BBB Reliability Report for STARLIGHT CAMERA. Maybe I’ll pursue it even more, depending on how much time I find I can devote to making it harder for them to scam folks. Writing this at least warns people who are smart enough to do their homework!