Interesting Telecommuting Job Postings via Craigslist

Short and sweet – here are 3 interesting telecommuting jobs I just saw on Craigslist . . .

  1. Therapeutics Editor (Telecommuting)
  2. “The Therapeutics Editor will work closely with the Global Healthcare Strategist to provide relevant and timely marketplace intelligence for the global investment community. The ideal candidate will possess extensive contacts with physicians, research scientists and industry leaders and demonstrate the ability to develop new relationships with experts who can speak to strategic trends in the medical industry. Effective team management skills and the ability to present research findings to clients, both on the phone and in-person, are other key aspects of the role.”


  3. Part-Time B2B Telemarketing $8/hr Telecommuting Ok!
  4. “We are currently looking for Business to Business Telemarketers to join our team. These are Business to Business cold calls. There is no need for closing the sale, just giving a ‘first level product introduction’ phone call.”


  5. Web/content writers (Telecommuting)
  6. “The position primarily involves writing people profiles through interviews in a pre-defined format. The profiles have to be inspiring through stories and anecdotes that enable the reader to connect to the person and of course have factual details about the career.”

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