Save Money by Hiring Telecommuters

Employees save expenses by working at home, but so do employers. Want to know how much you can save by hiring a telecommuter as opposed to hiring a traditional employee?

There’s a telecommuter hire savings calculator that will help you add up the savings on payroll taxes, benefits, office space, equipment, absenteeism, and possible State credits. The calculator presents possible savings based on company experience and research by government organizations and was developed quite a while ago by iVentive, producers of a hiring incentives calculator for the State of Illinois and publishers of Telecommuting Jobs, the website for serious TeleCommuters and TeleCommuter employers since 1996.

After calculating the value of hiring telecommuters, you can post jobs on or View Job-Seeker Resumes at to help you fill the position.


  1. While driving home yesterday, I heard about a website called Mechanical Turk on NPR’s Marketplace. It said that while it was hard to make a living just finding telecommute work on this site, it was a good source of extra income for some workers. Apparently, it is run by Have you heard of or used this site?

  2. This is what a friend of mine does–she hires freelance telecommuters, and she says it really helps her out both with the workload and financially.

  3. Miguel – I haven’t heard of Mechanical Turk but will definitely check it out and post a quick review here. Thank you for the note!

  4. I actually signed up for the site today, and one would be hard pressed to make more than a few dollars in any given day. For example, you could get paid 50 cents for writing a short plot description of a movie. But that’s one of the higher paying gigs. Most of these ‘human intelligence tasks’ seem to pay less than 10 cents. It is an interesting concept, though.

  5. @Emilie Rencontres based on what formula did you receive the result of 50 000 per year? Im sure you have been mistaken.

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