Save Money by Hiring Telecommuters

Employees save expenses by working at home, but so do employers. Want to know how much you can save by hiring a telecommuter as opposed to hiring a traditional employee?

There’s a telecommuter hire savings calculator that will help you add up the savings on payroll taxes, benefits, office space, equipment, absenteeism, and possible State credits. The calculator presents possible savings based on company experience and research by… >>Continue reading Save Money by Hiring Telecommuters

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Perfect Masters Degrees For The Telecommuter

Some of the pleasures of working from home include preparing lunch here instead of having to grab fast food on the run , being able to control my work atmosphere, and saving one to two hours out of the day (along with saving gas) which would usually be set aside for the daily commute. Lately I’ve been thinking that maybe those extra hours could be put into more than the… >>Continue reading Perfect Masters Degrees For The Telecommuter

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Are You Cut Out for Telecommuting?

Jody Gilbert has a great article over on TechRepublic that provides a nice list of things to consider if you’re thinking of entering the into a telecommuting arrangement. If you look at the list honestly and can see yourself falling victim to even one or two of the things on the list, “maybe your commute to the office isn’t so bad after all.”

10 signs

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