For Businesses to Grow in a Fledgling Economy, Turn to Technology and Telecommuting, Says E-Geniuses

Leading L.A.-based computer repair service company E-Geniuses illustrates how businesses can utilize technology and telecommuting to not only survive the economic crisis but to grow in a down market.

(PRWEB) April 9, 2009 — In today’s economic climate, achieving sustainable growth has become increasingly more difficult for business owners. Flaccid housing and investment markets have severely limited the resources and wherewithal of companies both large and small. Nonetheless, leading computer repair service company E-Geniuses shows business owners how making use of technological tools and telecommuting can enable companies to not only weather the storm, but realize real growth.

When newspaper headlines read “Government Spends 1 Trillion to Stimulate Economic Growth,” consumers should be worried about inflation, which leads to an across-the-board increase in pricing, says E-Geniuses. With the government committed to inflationary techniques, tough times are still ahead of us. However, E-Geniuses believes opportunities that have yet to be realized still exist in business and tough economic conditions make ignoring them much more costly.

One such opportunity is the use of innovative technology, which enables us to do more with the limited resources available and lead to economic health and a higher quality of life. According to E-Geniuses, telecommuting has become an efficient, cost-effective, and resourceful way to adapt business operations.

“I think that more businesses should start adopting a work-at-home strategy to productivity,” says Joey Mariano, owner of E-Geniuses, which services and repairs computers for local businesses and nearby USC and FIDM students. “The schools have understood this concept of ‘homework’ for a long time. Teachers don’t have to watch each student do their work, they simply manage by objective – was the work done on time? Was it done properly and did it achieve the end result? Businesses need to start thinking this way also.”

Telecommuting – the practice of working at home and communicating with co-workers through phone and computer – offers benefits for the employer, employee, and the environment. Jessica Jenkins, co-owner of TotalTelecommuting, says that telecommuting gives businesses a larger pool of potential hires due to the added perk of working from home; it can also make current employees happier, which increases efficiency and productivity.

“The employee can cut down on unpaid expenses such as time spent commuting and fuel consumption,” she explains. “Less commute means less traffic, less carbon dioxide, and is therefore better for the environment.”

According to Ariana at The Reserve Lofts in Downtown Los Angeles, in order to consolidate home and office expenses, many people whose homes have been foreclosed on are relocating to downtown L.A. lofts that are zoned for both residential and business use. “There is also the added advantage of being neighbors with other business owners and professionals. For employees of these businesses, there’s also the perk that they can use the building amenities such as the gym and a garden/spa.

“Whether you are working from a downtown Los Angeles penthouse or telecommuting from downtown to your home in the valley, the most important thing is to make efficient use of time and resources,” say JR and Aaron of medical consulting firm New Money Consulting. “A recession can affect how consumers budget their resources, but it cannot affect the resource of time – people may have less money or credit but time will keep ticking. Businesses and individuals need to pay attention to how they spend their day.”

In addition to telecommuting, e-commerce is another tool that can significantly boost revenue with an added marketing benefit.

Angela of Los Angeles web design company, online marketing, and SEO firm Splyce Media Group (SMG) advises traditional brick and mortar retail shops to create an e-commerce site to automate sales.

“A business that spends thousands of dollars a month on traditional print advertising should start considering investing in their website as a powerful and effective alternative,” she says. “If you aren’t showing up when someone does a Google search, then you are non-existent to most of the populations that is getting more tech savvy each day.”

Even in a down economy, E-Geniuses reminds business owners that there are multiple ways to ensure that a company survives, and sometimes even grows. Innovation and technology are keys to productive growth for many.

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