Part Time Article Writers and Bloggers

I love searching CraigsList for part time and freelance writing jobs just out of sheer curiosity. Some of the remote job postings I see are really interesting. Check out these 2 telecommuting opportunities for part time bloggers and article writers:

Need freelance bloggers for part time work. (Work Remotely)
Here’s what the job posting said . . .

I am looking for part time bloggers to write about… >>Continue reading Part Time Article Writers and Bloggers

Make Vacation Communication a Day at the Beach

The peak summer vacation season is still in full swing. And with it comes the dilemma small business owners have been facing since the beginning of the Industrial Age: Take therapeutic time off to clear your mind and recharge, or make the choice and fear that you’re not going to be available when an urgent client need arises.

Fortunately, these days it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing choice. >>Continue reading Make Vacation Communication a Day at the Beach

The 2010 Remote Worker Awards Launched

Following a highly successful inaugural awards in 2009, Remote Employment in association with BT Business, today launches The 2010 Remote Worker Awards.

The Awards are unique as the only business awards recognising employers for their flexible working solutions and employees for showing that remote and home based working can improve business productivity, improve work life balance and help the environment.

The 10… >>Continue reading The 2010 Remote Worker Awards Launched

Creative Ways to Cut Monthly Business Costs

If you ask a small business what’s one of the most difficult operational tasks needed to be dealt with, staying on budget with monthly expenses will likely be a top contender, especially in these challenging economic times. And chances are your business faces the same obstacle every month.

It seems every time you turn around, there is another expense, a delay in payment, or some other circumstance that has a negative effect on your cash flow. So instead of putting a little something away for an even rainier day, you find yourself sweating it out until it’s time to flip to the next page of the monthly calendar for a fresh influx of cash.

If you want to make the money and the month line up better, you may need to rethink some of your business assumptions – including what constitutes a must-have expense. Following are a few ideas that can help improve your overall cash flow. >>Continue reading Creative Ways to Cut Monthly Business Costs

Crazy Guy On A Bike Worked His Way Across America

Keith writes software for a living and normally works out of his home office. While it’s pretty exciting to see a crazy guy on a bike prove he can make this incredible journey while keeping up with his workload, it’s even more remarkable when you hear how he combined his telecommuting status with his desire as a father to support a worthy cause that’s near and dear to his family . . . >>Continue reading Crazy Guy On A Bike Worked His Way Across America

Always Connected: One Third of U.S. Workforce Feels Need to Stay Connected 24/7

The recent economic downturn has American workers stressed, overworked and anxious, but many are turning to technology to help them cope. According to a survey released today by InterCall, the world’s largest conferencing and collaboration services provider, workers are using technology to stay connected (sometimes even secretly), work harder and maintain job security to survive the economic recovery.

Take note managers: Nearly one in two Americans (48 percent) who use technology in their everyday jobs say that they are now required to do more work with fewer resources due to the current economic climate. As an example, nearly one third (30 percent) feel that they need to stay connected to work 24/7, even during weekends, breaks or holidays. However, 72 percent say that advanced technology, such as conferencing and collaboration tools, enables them to work faster, better and improves their morale – because they see the company providing them with the right resources and tools to ‘do more with less.’ >>Continue reading Always Connected: One Third of U.S. Workforce Feels Need to Stay Connected 24/7

National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day

Are you sitting at work in your PJ’s today?

Evidently today is National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day . . . or at least it used to be. Best I can figure, the day of celebration began with PajamaGram’s 2004 initiative to promote PJ’s. The Vermont Teddy Bear’s PJ gift-giving website still houses a Press Release from 2005. And PajamaCity, the purveyor of the footed pajamas you wore as a kid, has an entire website devoted to the celebration of National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day at They’ve left this undated Press Release up since, well, since they created the site in 2005 I suspect.

However the unofficial holiday got its start, it’s no mistake that the 16th of April was chosen. It is, after all, the day after your taxes are due here in the U.S. and April 16th is, as deemed by the Health Resource Network in 1992, National Stress Awareness Day. In fact, the entire month of April is designated as Stress Awareness Month. >>Continue reading National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day

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Moving Beyond 10 Percent Teleworking

What: Spring 2010 Town Hall Meeting
When: April 8, 2010
Where: The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center facility in Washington, D.C.

The White House and Environmental Protection Agency Keynote at Spring Telework Exchange Town Hall Meeting

Kareem Dale, Special Assistant to the President for Disability Policy, and Bob Perciasepe, Deputy Administrator, to Address Government Telework Audience on April 8, 2010

ALEXANDRIA, Va. –… >>Continue reading Moving Beyond 10 Percent Teleworking

8 Differences Between Working Freelance vs. Salary in the Entertainment Industry

In the entertainment industry, there is a good deal of both freelance and salaried work. For people getting started in their careers, there are some hidden costs and benefits to each. Todd L of notes 8 things to consider in this guest post . . . >>Continue reading 8 Differences Between Working Freelance vs. Salary in the Entertainment Industry

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