5 Ways a Telecommuting Program Will Benefit Your Business

In November of 2010, the United States Congressional House sent a bill over to President Obama. The goal of this bill is to boost telework at federal agencies. The 2010 Telework Enhancement Act (H.R. 1722), will establish policies allowing eligible civil servants with the opportunity to telecommute. If this bill passes, it will not be long before organizations outside the government execute a similar work plan.

With web and video conferencing becoming commonplace in businesses, providing employees with the option to telecommute can be exceedingly instrumental to an organization’s success. Before this happens though, it is important businesses have an idea of the many ways a telecommuting program will benefit not only their employees, but the organization as a whole.

As an employer there are many advantages to offering a telecommuting program:

  1. Increase in satisfied employees – There is nothing more draining on an employee than sitting in traffic, both to and from the office. In addition to creating an unneeded stress, sitting in traffic also takes away from the time employees are in the office being productive. Telecommuting through video conferencing reduces that stress and in the long run improves company-wide productivity.
  2. Less down time – Environmental elements are not kind to the business world, especially if that business is located in a part of the world that actually experiences the four seasons. Rain, sleet or snow may not stop postal workers, but it will stop the average employee. Rather than being forced to lose a day of productivity when a storm or natural disaster strikes, employees can work from the safety of their home.
  3. Attract and retain a higher caliber of employees – By offering a flexible work environment employers have access to a more geographically diverse workforce. Businesses receive access to a larger labor pool and can hire more qualified employees, without asking them to relocate.
  4. Reduce overhead costs – With employees working from home, businesses can save a great amount of money on office space and amenities. Investing in a web-based video conferencing service is minimal compared to expanding office space and real estate.
  5. Greater environmental impact – Every business talks about being or going “green”. Telecommuting helps the environment by taking cars off the highway, reducing pollution caused by emissions and preserving energy. Not only does telecommuting benefit the environment, it positions a business as environmentally aware, which is important to many employees these days.

These are just five of many significant benefits a telework program can provide a business with; the list actually goes on and on. If a business is looking to have a competitive advantage and create a favorable work environment for their employees, it’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.

>> Resource: House sends telework bill to Obama.

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Dan Richmond is Co-founder of MegaMeeting.com. MegaMeeting provides web & video conferencing services for individuals & businesses.


  1. I work from home. I have for over 11 years now. I love the freedom it gives me, though, sometimes you tend to over work since it is right there in your face. I do save on gas everyday and I can work in my pajamas. So I guess, in a round-a-bout way, I am helping the planet, too! Never thought of that!

  2. On top of all of the aforementioned benefits, some say that there is actually an increase in productivity too! Sites such as Indeed, CareerBuilder, and SkipTheDrive have a lot of telecommuting opportunities nowadays.

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