Telework Week Pledges Filled Their Tanks with $2.7 Million in Commuting Savings; Demonstrated a Nationwide Impact

Telework Week Recap Finds Productivity Gains, Increased Management Support, and Savings at the Pump

ALEXANDRIA, Va., March 29, 2011 – Telework ExchangeSM, a public-private partnership focused on demonstrating the tangible value of telework, today announced the results of National Telework Week, an effort that encouraged employees to telework during the week of February 14-18, 2011. Underwritten by Cisco, the post-Telework Week report, “Filling the Tank with Telework: The 2011… >>Continue reading Telework Week Pledges Filled Their Tanks with $2.7 Million in Commuting Savings; Demonstrated a Nationwide Impact

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5 Truisms of Staying Organized Throughout The Year

The New Year always brings to mind thoughts of improving my constantly-in-the-works organization tactics. The more organized you can be, the easier working at home is. It’s not always easy to balance both working and living in the same space and keeping both sides organized is super helpful for obvious reasons.

If you’ve decided to telecommute and are a tad bit worried because you’re not very organized, you’re certainly… >>Continue reading 5 Truisms of Staying Organized Throughout The Year

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Anybots – The Telecommuter’s Avatar

I swear, I’m not making this up. I’ve seen the Bruce Willis movie, you know, the one where robots interact for people in the futuristic world where humans live in isolation, controlling said robots from a control room inside their homes?!

I remember thinking, after watching that movie, that the idea of robotic surrogates really wasn’t that far fetched. As I type this I’m avoiding my Wii personal trainer and we’re getting xbox kinect for our big family holiday gift this year (which supposedly gives my virtual personal trainer even more information about me and my lack of controlled yoga movements).

I really didn’t think having a robotic surrogate representing me in some physical office location would be a real possibility within the year, but guess what. The future is here! >>Continue reading Anybots - The Telecommuter's Avatar

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Musicians Jam – Telecommuters Jelly

At least some of them do, thanks to Amit Gupta, Luke Crawford, and their friends. They’re credited with the creation of casual, co-working events known as Jellies!

Jelly logoSince its inception in 2006, Jelly groups have been forming around the world, with many people praising the added social components it affords without all the office politics. If you work at home you know that sometimes you can feel pretty darned isolated. And if you’re looking to work at home, but worried about missing the social aspect of working in an office, take heart. Jellies might just be your answer. >>Continue reading Musicians Jam - Telecommuters Jelly

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