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Another True Life Work at Home Mom

I ran across this blog today called True Life: Work at Home Moms, and I thought I’d share it since here’s a woman who:

  1. Started her blog, like, less than 10 days ago
  2. Is working towards her BS in Management Information Systems via Liberty University Distance program and
  3. Just landed a work at home job
  4. It’s not that it came easy. The author, Jami, did start

Overcoming Your Husband’s Objections To Telecommuting

by: Nell Taliercio

If you are an aspiring work from home mom, you may have already heard these common objections from your husband (and perhaps that nagging mother in law):

  1. We shouldn’t have to pay for an extra phone line.
  2. We can’t afford to upgrade the computer.
  3. The company should pay for the transcription equipment.
  4. You will be wasting your time and not making a “real” income.

Work at Home – Safely

Being online all the time leaves you more prone to security issues than the average surfer. I’ve had my share of learning experiences so decided to share the two best resources I know of for learning the fundamentals of protecting yourself online as much as possible.

Cyber Security Tips

The United States Computer Readiness Team is part of the Department of Homeland Security. Did… >>Continue reading Work at Home - Safely

Freelance Fears Gotcha?

from guest writer, Heather Reimer

Taking the Fear Out of Freelancing: Is Self-Employment Right For You?

Janine was thirty-something and the mother of one when her marriage broke up. She moved to a new city and started looking for a good paying job with parent-friendly hours and was getting frustrated with how rare those positions are.

A friend suggested she consider shopping her language translating skills as… >>Continue reading Freelance Fears Gotcha?

Dog-Adoring Writers Wanted

New luxury dog magazine (circulation 10,000) is seeking essays, well-researched nonfiction articles, book reviews, personality profiles, and other stories relevant to our dog-adoring, southwest Floridian readers. The magazine aims to lead the way in all things canine in tropical Florida, capturing the essence of living the good life with dogs.

I found this job when I stopped by the Workaholics4Hire Free Work At Home Jobs Database to see how… >>Continue reading Dog-Adoring Writers Wanted

How to Convince Your Boss You Should Work from Home

If you already have a good job, but would like more flexibility – don’t burn your bridges by quitting your day job to search for something else. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bushes, right?!

Instead, consider coming up with a plan to convince your current employer to allow you more flexibility. If you have an Internet connection – and you must have access to… >>Continue reading How to Convince Your Boss You Should Work from Home

NTI for Disabled Workers

There are a lot of reason people go out in search of telework. I sought out telecommuting online as a way of finding better balance between work and family. I get emails occasionally, though, from people who are looking for telecommuting opportunities because they really have no other choice.

If you’ve been looking for telework long, you know finding telecommuting opportunities that suit your skills can be a daunting… >>Continue reading NTI for Disabled Workers

Work at Home Mom Sites

Work at home mom sites are everywhere. A quick search on Google for “work at home moms” reveals about 1,160,000 of them! Some of the results provide some helpful resources for people who are looking to enter the world of telecommuting, so I thought I’d talk about a few of those sites that were actually around back when I first began… >>Continue reading Work at Home Mom Sites

Work at Home Ideas from

Starting a home-based business?
You might find the home business and small businesses training and ideas at will help you start, grow and expand your home-based business. They also offer a newsletter called Straight Talk that provides “real-world, common sense strategies for small and home based business success.” is definitely worth a visit.

Looking for something you can do to earn

The Real Deal on Telecommuting

The ONLY thing I ever spent any money on in my own work-at-home job search was an eBook called, The Real Deal on Telecommuting.

Rosalind Mays, the author of the Real Deal, was around on the web back in the late 90’s. I know because I spent the $5 for her eBook and never regretted the purchase. It is actually full of helpful information and… >>Continue reading The Real Deal on Telecommuting

10 Tips for Avoiding Home Business Scams

By Lesley Spencer, MSc.
Founder & Director of

Starting a home business has become a wonderful and attractive alternative for parents across the country. With the advent of the Internet, email and cell phones, working at home has been a very viable option. No other alternative allows parents the opportunity to create their own hours and work aroudn their children’s schedules while… >>Continue reading 10 Tips for Avoiding Home Business Scams

the FTC’s List of Work-at-Home Schemes

Facts for consumers are provided by the Federal Trade Commission.

The FTC’s Work-at-Home Schemes page includes examples of classic work at home schemes that exist (like envelope stuffing and craft assembling) and also gives you a list of questions to ask before purchasing or joining anything and tells you where to complain if you feel… >>Continue reading the FTC's List of Work-at-Home Schemes