Another True Life Work at Home Mom

I ran across this blog today called True Life: Work at Home Moms, and I thought I’d share it since here’s a woman who:

  1. Started her blog, like, less than 10 days ago
  2. Is working towards her BS in Management Information Systems via Liberty University Distance program and
  3. Just landed a work at home job
  4. It’s not that it came easy. The author, Jami, did start her blog less than 10 days ago but she also says she’s been working from home for about a year – probably working small, odd jobs that helped her fill the void while looking and learning more. She’s focused, she’s looked for things within her skill set, she’s working to increase her skill set and she’s well on her way.

    I’d never heard of the company she interviewed with (Fingerlakes Web Answering), but you can read her post for more info, do a bit more research on Google and the Better Business Bureau, and watch her blog to see how her job goes. If sales and customer service calls are up your alley – it may be well worth checking out!

    I’m looking forward to reading more from Jami.