Work at Home – Safely

Being online all the time leaves you more prone to security issues than the average surfer. I’ve had my share of learning experiences so decided to share the two best resources I know of for learning the fundamentals of protecting yourself online as much as possible.

Cyber Security Tips

The United States Computer Readiness Team is part of the Department of Homeland Security. Did you know there was such a thing – me neither till I stumbled on it looking for information about cyberbullying (which I’d read about in a book about MySpace). My kids aren’t old enough to be worried about MySpace and IMs, they’re still fascinated with and StudyIsland (thank goodness). But I have friends with kids who are and I don’t doubt that my kids will be there before I know it.

The Cyber Security Tips page provides really easy to follow information about common security issues and is a great resource for everything from general security to attacks and threats, emails, browsing, privacy and a good deal more.

Smart Computing Daily Tip Archive

With a wide variety of tip topics arranged in order of date (newest first) the collection makes for a good resource since you can scroll down to the search box to find what you need. The latest tips include Excel and PowerPoint tips as well as information about keeping your clock inline, cleaning up your hard drive, choosing strong passwords and more.

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