Not too long ago I wrote a rather snarky piece about Finding Telework, prompted mostly by people commenting and sending me emails wanting to know THE place online to find legitimate jobs. I braced myself for some strong feedback because I tried to speak the truth and let’s face it, total honestly isn’t always well received.

I did get some response but, to my surprise, the comments all had something good to say. And, even better, I ended up also learning about a new place to find telecommuting jobs online when Sara Fell, the CEO of FlexJobs, left me this comment:

This is a great article, and I love how realistic it is. Also, I’d love to chat about your experience and knowledge in this area sometime, if you’re game. And if you have the time, I’d love to hear your feedback on our new site, FlexJobs.com. We’re in the process of some great changes too, so keep an eye out. 🙂

Since then, I’ve made a cursory glance of the site, had some email communication with Sara, and eventually spoke with her on the phone nearly a month ago (time sure flies when you work at home). I’d promised to review the site formally, but didn’t want to do so without actually registering and taking in all it has to offer. It does have a spiffy logo…
FlexJobs.com Logoso I registered and surfed the job listings and am pleased to say that it actually looks like it just might be well on it’s way to actually being the “The World’s Largest Telecommuting Job Site.” That is what the site touts, though I’d be more inclined to tout the fact that FlexJobs.com includes the most professional, legitimate flexible job opportunities on the web today. Of all of the job search sites I’ve seen, it certainly does merit a second look (or two, or three).

Other than the job listings themselves, another of the nicest features this site offers is its Article Index, with a section for both the telecommuting job seeker and the employer who’s considering alternative work-force ideas. Each section contains links to related topics in the news as well as articles written by FlexJobs folks, actually making them quite a useful resource – even if you don’t register and set up a profile or use the job search functions.

The job search feature is not too shabby, either. I found several jobs that would appeal to me if I were actively looking. FlexJobs allows employers to sign up and list job openings, but they also list other telecommuting jobs found floating around the web (I saw at least one from Craigslist and several from CareerBuilder as well as postings taken from individual sites who happen to compensate writers like About.com and eHow). If I can find everything in one place, that saves me a great deal of time.

The nice thing about the job listings is that prior to registering, you can still peruse the postings and often times the application process which isn’t always something that has to occur via your FlexJobs profile. For example, ChaCha is looking for Online Researchers. From that posting noted on FlexJobs, I can quickly determine the compensation range and the application process without having to register and log in.

However, If I were actively seeking a telecommuting job, I’d utilize everything that FlexJobs.com has to offer. I’d set up a very extensive profile, start reading every job posting, and apply for anything I felt totally qualified for. Attention to detail, diligent work, and making your skill set stand out above the rest is, after all, what it takes to land a good telecommuting position!

More About FlexJobs.com and the LoveToKnow Network of Sites

FlexJobs.com is listed as one of the family of sites in the privately held LoveToKnow Corporation. This online media company’s website holdings also includes YourDictionary.com, PublicBookShelf.com, and Adviceopedia.org. They are actually the perfect company to own and operate a telecommuting job search site in that there are actually no corporate offices for the LoveToKnow Corporation. Instead, it is a corporation comprised entirely of employees who… telecommute! That’s right. They collaborate and communicate electronically, using “innovative technology and workflow solutions to replace physical offices and face-to-face meetings.”

So they drink their own Kool-aid, they practice what they preach. As a matter of fact, the company background is quite interesting. Howard Love – LoveToKnow, get it – has started over 15 companies (and charities) over the past 25+ years and his flexible job structure has allowed lots of folks just like me to work from home with flexible hours. No, I don’t work for LoveToKnow, by the way. I just respect the business plan!

Here’s what the site says about their workforce solution:

LoveToKnow’s flexible job structure allows computer programmers, graphic designers, and other technical professionals to work from home with flexible scheduling. As long as deadlines are met, employees are free to choose working hours best for their schedules and their lives. As telecommuters, employees don’t suffer long, expensive commutes. The flexible schedule appeals to stay-at-home moms and dads, to workers who are geographically remote from technology opportunities, to people with needs that require them to work from home, and to those who simply don’t thrive in a corporate environment or who are not comfortable maintaining a regular “eight-to-five” work schedule.

Working for LoveToKnow gives employees maximum freedom within a team environment. Because they can easily communicate with each other, employees have the benefit of professional colleagues and team-based collaboration. Employees are evaluated on their accomplishments, contributions to company goals, and reliability and not on when they arrive at work or on how long they sit at their desks each day.

So if you’re looking for telework, peruse the listings at FlexJobs.com. If you’re seriously looking and ready to tout your skills (instead of your situation) sign up and create a profile that highlights your skills. Take advantage of the profile tips and resume tools to be sure you’ve done as good a job as possible and then start applying for any positions you’re qualified to handle!

And yes, LoveToKnow is one of the featured employers over at FlexJobs.
Look like they are currently looking for a Director of Web Marketing and a Senior Web Developer.

July 3, 2008: Important FlexJobs Update