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78% of Workers Say They Are Burned Out at Work

Seventy Eight Percent of Workers Say They Are Burned Out at Work, Survey Finds

-Expert Offers Tips on Managing Stress and Securing Flexible Work Arrangements-

CHICAGO, July 16, 2008 – Downsized staffs paired with increased workloads may be causing a rise in stress levels around the workplace. According to a survey of more than 7,600 workers nationwide, 78 percent reported feeling burned out at work.Forty-six percent of… >>Continue reading 78% of Workers Say They Are Burned Out at Work

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Chief Home Officer

I found the perfect title for me!
Remember the term “domestic engineers?” Familiar with the whole “SAHM” and “WHAM” phenomena? I never really found a title that seemed to fit everything that I do and am… until today.

I was over at YouTube looking for the any new telecommuting-related videos (some of them are a real hoot and lots that WERE good are no longer allowed to… >>Continue reading Chief Home Officer

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Telecommuting Resume Advice

Sometimes I get asked about whether or not I keep up a resume and whether or not anyone looking for a telecommuting job should. So I figured I’d take time to answer that question today. Then I found an article that already does just that (and from an expert in the topic of resumes, no less).

So for starters I’ll tell you that no, I personally do not keep… >>Continue reading Telecommuting Resume Advice

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Not too long ago I wrote a rather snarky piece about Finding Telework, prompted mostly by people commenting and sending me emails wanting to know THE place online to find legitimate jobs. I braced myself for some strong feedback because I tried to speak the truth and let’s face it, total honestly isn’t always well received.

I did get some response but, to my surprise, the comments all… >>Continue reading FlexJobs

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How to Telecommute Successfully

I received a comment from Amy Quinn, letting me know that they’ve posted an article over at Bootstrapper (a blog written for a business credit card site).
Since it’s actually a fairly decent list of tips and resources for telecommuters, I’m posting it here in case anyone’s interested in reading it.

Here’s Amy’s comment:

We just posted an article “How to Telecommute Successfully: 50 Tips and Resources.”… >>Continue reading How to Telecommute Successfully

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Do I Make Money With My Blog?

I get this question a LOT. And the answer is always the same, a resounding and honest… NOPE, I don’t make money with my blog. I didn’t start this blog with the intention of making any money, and until lately I never even thought about it.

If you want to know why I started this blog, you can read all about it on the about me page. I… >>Continue reading Do I Make Money With My Blog?

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Another True Life Work at Home Mom

I ran across this blog today called True Life: Work at Home Moms, and I thought I’d share it since here’s a woman who:

  1. Started her blog, like, less than 10 days ago
  2. Is working towards her BS in Management Information Systems via Liberty University Distance program and
  3. Just landed a work at home job
  4. It’s not that it came easy. The author, Jami, did start

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Overcoming Your Husband’s Objections To Telecommuting

by: Nell Taliercio

If you are an aspiring work from home mom, you may have already heard these common objections from your husband (and perhaps that nagging mother in law):

  1. We shouldn’t have to pay for an extra phone line.
  2. We can’t afford to upgrade the computer.
  3. The company should pay for the transcription equipment.
  4. You will be wasting your time and not making a “real” income.
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Work at Home – Safely

Being online all the time leaves you more prone to security issues than the average surfer. I’ve had my share of learning experiences so decided to share the two best resources I know of for learning the fundamentals of protecting yourself online as much as possible.

Cyber Security Tips

The United States Computer Readiness Team is part of the Department of Homeland Security. Did… >>Continue reading Work at Home - Safely

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