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Home office tips and tools to make working at home easier.

Firefox 3 Download Day

Download Day 2008Just a reminder that Firefox 3 will be released today at 1:00 PM EST, and Mozilla hopes to set a world record for the most downloads in 24 hours!

We all know Firefox is already one of the best browsers and I admit I am excited about everything that’s been built up about… >>Continue reading Firefox 3 Download Day

Taking Work With Me In A Flash

I work at home on a desktop computer. I’m no corporate jet-setter. I have kids in elementary school, a myriad of pets, and a husband who travels for a living, so I don’t get out much. But these days, every now and then, I’m out and about or on a mini-vacation and I actually take some work with me (safely and quickly)!

Back in 2005 my husband suggested getting… >>Continue reading Taking Work With Me In A Flash

How to Telecommute Successfully

I received a comment from Amy Quinn, letting me know that they’ve posted an article over at Bootstrapper (a blog written for a business credit card site).
Since it’s actually a fairly decent list of tips and resources for telecommuters, I’m posting it here in case anyone’s interested in reading it.

Here’s Amy’s comment:

We just posted an article “How to Telecommute Successfully: 50 Tips and Resources.”… >>Continue reading How to Telecommute Successfully

Surge Protectors

One of the things you have to do when you work at home is buy and set up all your own equipment, which can be costly to say the least. In order to protect your investment, you’ll want to have a surge protector.

Unless you’re reading this at your local library or on your laptop while sipping a cafe breve at Starbucks, chances are you already own a desktop… >>Continue reading Surge Protectors

Which Email Client to Use?

Not too long ago I wrote about my email highs and ‘woes’ and have now tried several different email clients to determine the best of the email client choices available.

When I first began working online I invested in Microsoft’s Office Suite so that I’d be able to file share within Word and Excel. Outlook came as part of the package and I began using… >>Continue reading Which Email Client to Use?

Email – A Necessary Tool for Working at Home

One of the things telecommuters will need to deal with on a day to day basis is email. I grew up writing letters, licking a stamp and waiting days on end for a letter back from my grandparents. So, the idea of instantaneous written communication via email immediately appealed to me. Sure, I could’ve faxed someone if I’d invested in a fax machine back when they came out – but… >>Continue reading Email - A Necessary Tool for Working at Home

Have Your Work-space/Home-office Set Up and Ready

It’s the recipe for success. When I answered any telecommuting job opening having an office set up and ready for work was a big plus where potential employers were concerned. The less the employer has to do to get you up and running – the better candidate that makes you.

Now, I’m not talking about having all the bells and whistles — all the new gadgets that cost thousands… >>Continue reading Have Your Work-space/Home-office Set Up and Ready

Finding Wi-Fi HotSpots

I finally made the plunge about a month ago and purchased a notebook computer. It comes in handier than I’d have ever imagined since we have satellite connection (the only thing near broadband when you live out in the boonies) and a wireless router for getting online. That means that I can take my laptop anywhere in the house or in the yard and productively work online. It helps that… >>Continue reading Finding Wi-Fi HotSpots

Income Test

If you think that giving up that outside day job to work at home isn’t an affordable option, you might want to take the income test to see just how much working away from home might be costing you.

When I left my outside job, I took into account the car maintenance expenses, gas expenses, clothing and food expenses that would no longer be needed and… >>Continue reading Income Test