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A while ago I was contacted by Ely Fall, the Business Development Manager over at, with the idea that he’d like to give all of my readers 250 free business cards. Sounds good, right?! Well, already been through that process once before over at VistaPrint, so I wondered if Ely’s offer was actually free – or – if it was in fact the same offer that Vista Print has where you do in fact get the business cards for free, but then you pay for shipping and process them (plus any upgrades you might select during the order process). I didn’t follow through with my order so I’m not sure how much those “free” 250 business cards might have actually cost me.

I visited BIzcard and noticed that they tout the same basic offer – 250 business cards for free. So I sent Ely a response that while I appreciated his contacting me, anyone in the universe could pop over to his site and get 250 business cards for free (so there was no special offer in particular for readers who frequent TelecommutingJournal). I also asked him if the “free” business cards were actually free, or if there were shipping and handling charges added to each order (which he was kind enough to confirm without forcing me to go through the entire process to determine that fact for myself. He then ventured out of my expectations and gave me an actual special offer that I could use myself (and post for my readers should I choose to do so). Well, of course I choose to do so. I’d like to have 250 free business cards that I could use for this site in particular (so I could quit spelling the word t-e-l-e-c-o-m-m-u-t-i-n-g to everyone I meet in person who asks me about working at home).

I haven’t ordered business cards yet, simply because I’ve lacked the time to do much more than keep up with work and laundry. Haven’t you noticed the reduced number of posts lately? But I have every intention of doing so the first chance I get. I may actually order the slim cards or the calling cards since I don’t need very much information on the card beyond my blog’s name and location!

Although Ely thinks he’s not much of a writer, let me share what he’s told me about BizCard:

Bizcard lets designers turn their artwork into print products such as business cards, postcards, and related marketing material. For the users who are less tech savvy, our team has developed hundreds of templates that anyone can use for free or a small fee.

We are currently giving sets of 250 business cards (or 125 calling cards) away for free. Calling cards are similar to business cards, but they are more personal and do not carry any title or company information. They work great for the web 2.0 crowd.

He went on to also explain that BizCard is socially and environmentally responsible as well. Their products are certified eco-friendly by the Green Seal(they use recycled paper or purchase paper from responsibly managed forest lands. During production they have eliminated the usage of harming photo processing chemicals and have also designed products that use 30% less paper than the industry standard. AND, for every order, they plant a tree through their partnership with American Forests.

The one thing that really makes BizCard stand out above the others like VistaPrint is that Ely assures me they do not add their logo, or any text or images at all, on the back of the free business cards. I know VistaPrint does (it’s in their fine print (<i>…come with the VistaPrint logo printed on the backside…</i>).

I’m not sure if you’re limited to one-time ‘freebie’ purchases on other business card printing sites, but Ely also tells me that you can grab a set of freebies (for the price of shipping and handling) as many times as you like.

So what’s the special offer?

Ely has set up what he says to be an exclusive offer for anyone reading this particular post. It’s a promo code to receive 30% off any order that is NOT free. I’m not sure which is the better deal, actually — the freebies for the price of shipping or the non-freebies for 30% off. I suppose that depends on where the order is shipped and what you order.

For Freebies:

For the 30% off offer:

PROMO CODE: bizkx3

Let me know how it goes if you order and I’ll post my own order experience once I’ve placed my own order.


  1. i currently use vista print- I am in Australia. I expected to pay for postage and handling~ not for the actual work to produce my card.

    I like that you can use your own design~ i just wish either company was more flexible with this. trying to find the right size of pix or to rescale it myself using GIMP is so time intensive !

    life 🙂

    as i am across the ocean i expect it to still be cheaper for me $ and time-wise to order my cards locally or at least domestically…I will check it out, the info could be of value to otehrs.

    thx for the coupon Ely!

    Chars last blog post..Entrecard Comp: Opportunities for Student Small Businesses

  2. Char – I like that BizCards doesn’t print their logo on the back of the cards, too. I’ve not tried to use my own design (though I may when I order cards for this blog). Wonder if they have folks at either that are willing to help you get that accomplished?

  3. @Char
    Thanks for the input. We can set the web editor to let you upload any images, but if the resolution is not high enough it will not be printed properly. That is why if the resolution is too low, we ask the user to get a better image. But we are definitely working on this and we are close to finding a solution for the entire print industry.

    Indeed we do not add our logo to the back of the cards. Free means free, not free with advertisement. We are confident enough about our product to give it away because users always come back. You can upload your own design as well

    Thank you all

  4. Thanks for the lead. I too get asked about telecommuting all the time so I decided to start a Web site. I have a lot more work to do before I want to promote with business cards, but will definitely be using in the future!

    Kristines last blog post..teleleads for 10.08.08

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