Logos & Headers & Fonts, Oh My

I could really use some feedback. I’m playing around with new logos, fonts, and header images. This new header image – the one up there above where you’re reading now, with my house sketched on top of the world, also sketched (not by me but by someone with real talent for drawing and sketching), the crazy fonts for the text, and those brand new image squares on the right.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated as I continue getting my new header tweaked to totally debut on January 1st, 2009.

Constructive criticism welcome.
Mean remarks ignored.
SpAm deleted!


  1. I’d use a different font for the word “Journal” and change the purple bar under the images to red to match the mugs in the picture and stand out more, and maybe use some kind of framing to bridge the 3 images together.

  2. Hello,
    I like the drawing of your house on the world. I don’t think you necessarily have to change the font – just remove the line above the “u” that may make a viewer think it is an accent mark like one sees over words like “résumé”. You might even consider making the word “journal the same size as the word “Telecommuting”. I think the photographs look too much like stock photos, which they probably are. I guess I’m trying to say they are predictable and actually detract from the “personality” of your header, which is established by the house drawing. You might look at some clip art drawings (in the same or similar style) of a laptop, coffee mugs and beans, keyboard, and perhaps a blackberry-type phone or landline phone — anything telecommuters use on the job. You don’t have to use them, just see if you like the consistency of a “drawing” look versus a “drawing and photo” look. If you like the “drawing” look, consider adding color to all of the elements, or maybe leaving the house-world graphic in black and white. Experiment. Have fun.
    Hope this helps.

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