Home office tips and tools to make working at home easier.

Which Email Client to Use?

Not too long ago I wrote about my email highs and ‘woes’ and have now tried several different email clients to determine the best of the email client choices available.

When I first began working online I invested in Microsoft’s Office Suite so that I’d be able to file share within Word and Excel. Outlook came as part of the package and I began using… >>Continue reading Which Email Client to Use?

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Email – A Necessary Tool for Working at Home

One of the things telecommuters will need to deal with on a day to day basis is email. I grew up writing letters, licking a stamp and waiting days on end for a letter back from my grandparents. So, the idea of instantaneous written communication via email immediately appealed to me. Sure, I could’ve faxed someone if I’d invested in a fax machine back when they came out – but… >>Continue reading Email - A Necessary Tool for Working at Home

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Have Your Work-space/Home-office Set Up and Ready

It’s the recipe for success. When I answered any telecommuting job opening having an office set up and ready for work was a big plus where potential employers were concerned. The less the employer has to do to get you up and running – the better candidate that makes you.

Now, I’m not talking about having all the bells and whistles — all the new gadgets that cost thousands… >>Continue reading Have Your Work-space/Home-office Set Up and Ready

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Finding Wi-Fi HotSpots

I finally made the plunge about a month ago and purchased a notebook computer. It comes in handier than I’d have ever imagined since we have satellite connection (the only thing near broadband when you live out in the boonies) and a wireless router for getting online. That means that I can take my laptop anywhere in the house or in the yard and productively work online. It helps that… >>Continue reading Finding Wi-Fi HotSpots

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