How to find telecommuting jobs and opportunities.

CallDesk Agents in Oregon

Available only to Oregon residents, Call Desk, Inc. hires both part time and full time virtual receptionists (agents) who meet these minimum requirements. Their agents are employees, not independent

What you’ll be doing?
Call Desk, Inc. explains to their clients that a

“…live receptionists will help you stay connected with your current and prospective business customers via telephone, e-mail or… >>Continue reading CallDesk Agents in Oregon

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How Can You Become An At-home Customer Service Agent?

Guest Post by Melissa Brewer

There’s been a lot of buzz in the call center industry regarding the use of home-based call center agents. While a relatively new phenomenon, the use of US-based workers in geographically dispersed locations has allowed call centers to grow, and manage growth, while maintaining higher levels of customer satisfaction.

In fact, the use of at-home customer service agents has been hailed by many… >>Continue reading How Can You Become An At-home Customer Service Agent?

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Find Telecommuting Jobs with Mom Corps

I mention this a day late and a dollar short, but Moms Corps, the company who (since 2005) has been helping women find flexible employment, is having an educational workshop series today for women focusing on the current issues affecting both career and family. The conference takes place this morning from 9 am to 11:30 am at the Terry College of Business Executive Education… >>Continue reading Find Telecommuting Jobs with Mom Corps

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Little White eBook of Homeshoring Jobs

Little White eBook of Homeshoring Jobs

While I was doing some research to find a few companies that hire call center agents to list in my post about having a phone and a plethora of patience just the other day, I ran across an ebook offering that looked, at first glance, to be pretty darned informative. So I contacted the publisher and asked… >>Continue reading Little White eBook of Homeshoring Jobs

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Got a Phone And a Plethora of Patience?

call center agentOnce upon a time, a l-o-n-g time ago, I worked for a major department store’s call center, taking phone-in orders from their catalogs. For those of you who don’t remember what it was like back when you received catalogs in the mail and then either had to pick up the phone or fill out a form and mail it in with a check, you’re… >>Continue reading Got a Phone And a Plethora of Patience?

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Freelance Job for a Green Mom (and/or Dad)

I saw this job posting in the Mom Bloggers Club newsletter today.

Seventh Generation,, the leading maker of green household cleaning and personal care products, is looking for a freelance blogger to write about “green” parenting. To apply for this position, you must have genuine knowledge of green living and a great interest in healthy homing. Couples are welcome to apply. Required: your resume… >>Continue reading Freelance Job for a Green Mom (and/or Dad)

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F/T Copy Editor and Web Producer Job

I ran across this job posting at one of my favorite techie blogs, Ars Technica and figured I’d post it here. Turns out that they list several job openings in the technical field, so if that’s your passion it would be a solid place for finding telecommuting job leads in that arena. It’s a nice, easy list to peruse – so check out for those… >>Continue reading F/T Copy Editor and Web Producer Job

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$5,000 Sign-on Bonus, Telework Option

Wow, I never would have thought I’d run across a nursing-related position that actually offered a telecommuting option but today I did just that.

I ran across this job opening from First Choice Health Network and had to check to see the details. Here’s what I learned:

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Work at Home – Intern Openings

If you have some skill in an area that lends itself well to telecommuting, try looking for intern openings. I found these job postings over at… is an online dating community with a bit of a twist (which may just make it stand out amidst the masses of other online dating communities). Instead of surfing profile pages, their aim is to create an entire… >>Continue reading Work at Home - Intern Openings

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Telecommuting Resume Advice

Sometimes I get asked about whether or not I keep up a resume and whether or not anyone looking for a telecommuting job should. So I figured I’d take time to answer that question today. Then I found an article that already does just that (and from an expert in the topic of resumes, no less).

So for starters I’ll tell you that no, I personally do not keep… >>Continue reading Telecommuting Resume Advice

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Not too long ago I wrote a rather snarky piece about Finding Telework, prompted mostly by people commenting and sending me emails wanting to know THE place online to find legitimate jobs. I braced myself for some strong feedback because I tried to speak the truth and let’s face it, total honestly isn’t always well received.

I did get some response but, to my surprise, the comments all… >>Continue reading FlexJobs

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