CallDesk Agents in Oregon

Available only to Oregon residents, Call Desk, Inc. hires both part time and full time virtual receptionists (agents) who meet these minimum requirements. Their agents are employees, not independent

What you’ll be doing?
Call Desk, Inc. explains to their clients that a

“…live receptionists will help you stay connected with your current and prospective business customers via telephone, e-mail or chat.”

and that a

“…CallDesk Receptionist will answer all your calls and seamlessly transfer them to you, as if she was sitting in your office. CallDesk Receptionists also take appointments, provide information about your company and take orders for you.

So if you live in Oregon and you fancy yourself a virtual receptionist, see their Agent’s page.

And, if you run a small business. . .

Consider hiring telecommuters. You’ll get affordable office support so that when folks give you a call for whatever reason they are greeted by a friendly voice, be sure to check out Call Desk’s Services page. Call Desk can save your company thousands of dollars each month on payroll costs alone. Compared to hiring a full-time in-house receptionist for $8-12 per hour, their monthly plans begin at $150.00 per month, which means your new, USA-based receptionist would be costing you about $0.82 per hour!

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