Digital Trends Is Looking for a Staff Writer

It looks like Digital Trends is looking for a staff writer. Digital Trends is all bout the hi-tech lifestyle, so if you’re into the latest gizmos, gadgets, and services, this is definitely the job for you.

Here’s how they explain their mission:

“Technology has become an essential part of our everyday lives, from communicating with our friends and enjoying the latest entertainment options, to excelling in the workplace. At Digital Trends, we make it easier for people to make smart choices about the products and services that touch their everyday lives. We believe that the way a product looks and how people use it is often just as important as what it does, and the content of Digital Trends embodies this philosophy.”

Here’s a bit about the staff writer position they have open:

The staff writer position is a contractual, part-time job. The description and qualifications include posting original stories and being reachable during business hours via email or telephone (and responsive of course). They’d also love to have someone with a degree in Journalism, English, or a similar field but it’s not required. They do ask that you work well with others, take direction and constructive criticism in a positive manner though.

When you click through to apply you’re given a simple form to fill out with all of your contact information as well as a text box for your introduction or cover letter and a text box for your resume.

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