ThomasNet’s The Rise of Digital Nomads

It used to be that I rarely saw telecommuting news anywhere other than the business sections of newspapers and other telecommuting sites but over the past five or six years it seems it’s popping up everywhere . Today I ran across an article by Jorina Fontelera at ThomasNet’s Newsroom of all things.

The Rise of Digital Nomads

“Digital nomadism” combines the autonomy of telecommuting with mobility for an even more flexible work style. Now more people are ditching the office and using the world as their workspace.

With the advent of wireless Internet, smart phones and laptops, people can stay connected more than ever, even if they are thousands of miles apart. People can check their e-mail, access and share documents, and have voice or video conferencing whenever and wherever. This combination of portable gadgets and connectivity has given rise to so-called digital nomads — professionals who conduct their work virtually and aren’t tied down to any particular place.

Continue Reading to learn the difference between Telecommuting and Nomadism. The article notes a great list of problems and solutions for working nomads!

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