Why Do You Telecommute?

I starting looking for a way to work from home when I was pregnant with my first child. So my primary reason for looking to telecommute was to be able to be a stay-at-home mom but still contribute to the work force and our bank account. I continued to telecommute even after my youngest child started kindergarten because I enjoy being able to be here for my kids on sick days, school holidays, and summer days.

I’m doing a bit of research for an article and I’d love to know why YOU work at home or why you want to! I’m interested in your primary reason, though many of these reasons may certainly interest you. If you don’t see your primary reason listed here, feel free to leave a comment below as to why you telecommute (or are looking to).

And, if you know someone else who either works from home or wants to,
please pass this poll on to them, too!


  1. I work from home because i save a ton of money in gas, work clothes, meals and other misc things, enabling me to spend all I save on the Bratz.

  2. I am like you, I definitely want to be there for my daughter. Other reasons would be the commute. I think it is much greener not to be driving everyday back and forth to work. Not only are you saving on gas and maintenance for your car, but you are helping the earth by not releasing all of that carbon monoxide into the air.

  3. Same here. I would like to save travel time as well as expenses going out to work. It makes sense as well if you can save some more because of you not having to wear office clothes and ‘brown bag’ your lunch to work. 🙂

  4. I work from home so that I can be available for my kids. I’ve also discovered, however, that I absolutely love the flexibility. I also enjoy commuting from my bedroom down my stairs to my desk. I can remember so many stressed mornings trying to battle traffic to get to work. If I still had to do that, along with getting my kids to daycare, I would not be a happy mom.

  5. My boss asked me. My office location was closed and at first, I was going to be laid off. Then they found a way to keep us, and had us set up our own home offices.

  6. It’s all about freedom baby! Having a regular job is okay for paying the bills but your own home business can provide true freedom and residual income for life… so you can be workin’ for a loving instead of working for living.

  7. I think office politics comes pretty close to – I don’t play well with others.. In the last 24 years I’ve spent about half of that working from home and working in an office.. You’d have to tie me up and drag me in to get me to go back..

  8. I telecommute because the flexibility is great, and sometimes getting on that conference call to Japan at 7am in one’s pajama’s is easier than making it into the office. Telecommuting contributes positively to the environment. Also, sometimes one needs some ‘quiet time’ to crank out that report/detailed email/etc. When everyone is stopping at your desk every 10 seconds, it’s hard to retain a thought.

  9. For me – its simple – I HATE MEETINGS …. I hated wasting so much time in meetings. The last job I ever had before working from home I walked out of a meeting and never looked back. When I was walking out they said … where are you going? I told them it was a waste of my time being here. I have never looked back because I love being the one in control of my own schedule. Also – if you have not noticed … the job market isn’t to go or stable right now anyway … People don’t know if they have a job from day to day … not the life I want to live.

  10. Telecommute is a major selling at my work place as most live at least an hour to 3 hours away. It really works for IT group especially technical development– I can totally focus on my work without having people dropping by all the time. Also, I do end up spreading out my work day to 10 to 14 hours. More breaks definitely make me a lot more productive.

  11. I telework because it keeps my startup flexible. But more importantly, telework creates a mindset that I can do business with less. Less money, less office space, less meetings, less downtime, and less footprint.

  12. I telework because I am not a normal 9-5 worker–I’m a major night owl! I also love the flexibilty and the fact that I can be there when my kids and pets need me! I love not having to spend so much money on clothes, gas, lunches and getting ready! I love being my own boss and not having to listen to someone who had less credentials than I have!

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