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Be Careful, Is It Really Employment?

I came across an opportunity to work at home. It was featured in an newspaper article that talked about it as “employment.” Eager to look at it and tell the readers of this blog about this “new opportunity” for employment, I went to the website to check it out — and realized a good lesson that is very important to the telecommuting job hunter.

The difference between employment and… >>Continue reading Be Careful, Is It Really Employment?

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When Applying For a Job, Keep Your Personal Business To Yourself

“Please help me, I’m a mother of three children and I really need to work at home to support my family. My husband is on disability and this opportunity means a lot to me. I have over 5 years of experience as a receptionist for a big bio-chemical firm. I have a computer and Microsoft Word, but I would really like to do data entry at home. Please accept my

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How the IRS Saved Nearly $10 Million!

You wouldn’t think that the IRS was interested in saving money, but that’s exactly what they did this past year through changes they made in their telework program.

Did you know that there are about 28,000 employees participating in their “flexiplace” program who use approximately 136 sites? I had no idea!

They managed to save an estimated $10 Million a year with a new, less expensive program that… >>Continue reading How the IRS Saved Nearly $10 Million!

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The Digital Slob

I ran across Curt Brandao on the Internet today and thought I’d note him here in case anyone else finds him as amusing as I do. I found him while going through telecommuting articles for the day to see if anything interesting might pop up.

I’d written about the SonicWALL telecommuting survey a while back that mentioned how some telecommuters admitted to working naked. Turns out that Curt Brandao… >>Continue reading The Digital Slob

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Thank you for having me, I’m so glad to be here!

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself. I am Rosalind Mays the author of “The Real Deal on Telecommuting,” a little e-book that grew much bigger than I ever thought it would. Currently, I am revising “The Real Deal on Telecommuting” and was invited to contribute to this wonderful resource.

I’m new to blogging, so please be gentle with me. I hope to contribute a lot of material to you… >>Continue reading Thank you for having me, I'm so glad to be here!

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The Telecommuting Lifestyle Definitely Has Its Perks

The Boston Globe had a great article a few days ago about telecommuting, how it began and where it’s likely to be going. The article, Telecommuters Tout Perks of Lifestyle, was loaded with interesting perceptions and tid-bits of information.

Loaded with real-life examples, the article noted a few statistics:
In 2005, 44 percent of U.S. companies offered at least some telecommuting options, according to a… >>Continue reading The Telecommuting Lifestyle Definitely Has Its Perks

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TelecommutingJournal Welcomes Rosalind Mays!

I’m very excited to announce that Rosalind Mays is going to be a contributing author on TelecommutingJournal. As you may already know from an earlier post about her eBook, The Real Deal on Telecommuting, it was her eBook that led me down the right path and eventually the message board on her site that led me to the job I have had for… >>Continue reading TelecommutingJournal Welcomes Rosalind Mays!

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Telecommuting Provides Workers Much-Needed Flexibility

In Back the 40-hour Workweek–and Let Us Take a Long Vacation,a recent article in the LA Times, Joe Robinson rants that the average American worker is facing “soaring workweeks, declining wages and health, pension and vacation benefits vanishing faster than you can say job security.”He’s for enforcing a 40-hour work week and legalizing paid vacation. Here’s what he says about telecommuting:
Give face time the pink slip. In… >>Continue reading Telecommuting Provides Workers Much-Needed Flexibility

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Telecommuter Appreciation Week

from The American Telecommuting Association:
“We Are Not Alone, We’re Telecommuters”
As we have done every year since 1993, the American Telecommuting Association is declaring “Telecommuter Appreciation Week”. In 2006, “Telecommuter Appreciation Week” falls on the period from February 26 through March 4 (in homage to Alexander Graham Bell, whose birthday is March 3rd).

It is the week in which the ATA supports various promotional activities designed… >>Continue reading Telecommuter Appreciation Week

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TelecommutingJournal is Born

TelecommutingJournal – featuring news, tools and resources for telecommuters and wannabes has finally begun after years of thinking about it.I would like to thank Rob (the support guy in the little chat box) who helped me get things moving in the right direction and I’d also like to thank WordPress for the increasingly nice blog tools they provide. >>Continue reading TelecommutingJournal is Born

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