Intranet DASHBOARD Announces Telecommuting Survey Results

Survey Shows “Trust Factor” Hampers Widespread Adoption

db logo DALLAS & MELBOURNE, Australia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–International award winning intranet software company Intranet DASHBOARD, today released research information from its new Telecommuting Survey which shows companies are forfeiting telecommuting productivity benefits because they lack trust in their employees.

The results from the US-based Survey show 70% of the respondents were restricted from teleworking, and that the major reason telecommuting was not more prevalent in the U.S. workforce was due to upper management’s lack of trust in employees, and concerns regarding reduced productivity.

However, according to Gartner and Deloitte, telecommuting is set to continue to increase with 100 million corporate employees expected to be working from home at least one day a month by 2008.

Intranet DASHBOARD CEO Campbell Dobbin, said technology was the solution to this disconnect between management and employees with the corporate intranet being the “glue” that creates the corporate community, driving productivity and enabling two-way feedback and communication.

He said the Survey found 95% had access to the corporate intranet or extranet, and a whopping 59% measure their intranet usage.

The Intranet DASHBOARD 390 person Survey of US executives identified that there were significant savings to be had in infrastructure costs, absenteeism and productivity.

The Survey found 83% said teleworking is considered an incentive or perk for staff, and 65% responded that flexible schedules was more important as an incentive to motivate and retain staff over, increase base compensation, monetary bonuses, equity incentives and rewards programs.

This is reflected in a survey by the Information Technology Association of America which found that 36% of respondents would choose telecommuting over a pay raise.

However, according to the Survey, managements’ largest concerns with telecommuting were lack of employee productivity, while document safety, bandwidth issues, and IT infrastructure costs followed as concerns.

“The most important data we garnered from this Survey is that organizations are unaware that a solid corporate intranet solution can offer them the corporate security they require, and measurable productivity tools that show employees are in fact getting the job done remotely,” said Dobbin.

About Intranet DASHBOARD

The ADWEB Agency, developers of Intranet DASHBOARD, is a global company with more than 10 years experience in intranet communication applications and tools designed to power employee productivity in large organizations.

Intranet DASHBOARD is a feature-rich product, offering over 40 tools and applications including content and document management solutions to instantly deploy and manage an intranet, extranet or portal. Over 500 clients in 47 countries use Intranet DASHBOARD on a daily basis to enhance their communications and collaboration, improve business processes and content publishing, and deliver a centralized hub for information.

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