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Office Politics & Gossip

One of the things I like about working at home, exclusively, is the fact that I miss out on all the office politics and gossip. I’ve always taken that to be a good thing to miss.

Evidently that’s a bad thing. At least it is according to a doctoral student in social psychology who’s doing a dissertation on trust at the University of Delaware. I read Steve Bien-Aime’s article… >>Continue reading Office Politics & Gossip

HOME OFFICE OR CORNER OFFICE?: Telecommuting Best for Staff-Level Employees, Survey Shows

MENLO PARK, CA — Rising gas prices have many professionals considering telecommuting as an economical work option, but spending too much time working from home can mean saying goodbye to the corner office. In a recent survey, 43 percent of respondents said telecommuting is best suited for staff-level employees, compared with 18 percent who felt telecommuting is most beneficial for managers. In addition, more than two-thirds of respondents said senior… >>Continue reading HOME OFFICE OR CORNER OFFICE?: Telecommuting Best for Staff-Level Employees, Survey Shows

DOD Gets on the Telework Bus

Government Computer News Logo As the Defense Department braces for massive changes from pending base closures and realignments, officials see telework as a saving grace that could soften the blow for their workforce. Although the rest of the government has yet to fully embrace telecommuting, Defense officials are implementing pilot programs and discussing ways to expand existing telework initiatives.

Telework Cheaper Than Expected, But Agencies Still Not on Board

Government Computer News Logo Although the costs of implementing effective telework programs are far less than predicted, agencies have yet to provide a programmatic and enterprisewide approach to solidifying telecommuting within the government, a General Services Administration report said.

Government Computer News – 06/15/06

Teleworkers Depend More on Helpdesks

from ITWeek, although geared specifically towards Information Technology professionals, often has interesting articles about working at home as well.

One of the articles last week, Telework and outsourcing growth raise security and skills issues, mentioned noted that:

IT managers will need to do more to provide data security and staff training as home working will continue to increase until 2010, according to a new report on… >>Continue reading Teleworkers Depend More on Helpdesks

Telecommuters Report from NBC4

NBC News4, out of the Baltimore and DC area, did a story on Telecommuting where they quoted William Mularie (head of the Telework Consortium):

“If I’m a GS-12 federal worker and commute 20 miles into the District, I’m taking two months of my take-home pay, my take home pay, to pay for commuting to my office each year.”

Stop by the site to see the Video… >>Continue reading Telecommuters Report from NBC4

Pandemic Plans Give Teleworking Key Role

Government Computer News Logo Agencies at last may take teleworking seriously, as the administration has made it a critical piece of its strategy to keep the government operating in the face of a pandemic.

Government Computer News – 05/12/06

20 Million U.S. Telecommuters

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce cited a 20 million strong telecommuting workforce in a press release issued last Thursday. They said:

The report, Work, Entrepreneurship, and Opportunity in 21st Century America, cites government estimates that identify the broad scope of the entrepreneurial workforce, including: 27 million workers on flextime; 25 million part-time workers; 20 million telecommuters; 17 million Americans engaged in direct selling; 10.3 million independent contractors; 10.2 million self-employed… >>Continue reading 20 Million U.S. Telecommuters

Independent Contractor

I work at home. I’m an independent contractor, working for the same firm for the past eight years. That means that I’m not an employee and the company I work for doesn’t withhold income taxes, Social Security and Medicare taxes or unemployment tax on the wages I earn. I receive a 1099 instead of a W2.

It’s technically up to the employer to classify your work status. The IRS… >>Continue reading Independent Contractor

Gas Prices – Reduce your Dependence

It makes sense, with the price of a gallon of gas these days, that more folks are looking to save expenses. Companies, too, are looking at ways cut operating costs and telecommuting is one small solution that can help both.

For an interesting look at today’s gasoline prices and a 35-year gas price history, visit, zFacts’ Current Gas Prices and Price

NTI for Disabled Workers

There are a lot of reason people go out in search of telework. I sought out telecommuting online as a way of finding better balance between work and family. I get emails occasionally, though, from people who are looking for telecommuting opportunities because they really have no other choice.

If you’ve been looking for telework long, you know finding telecommuting opportunities that suit your skills can be a daunting… >>Continue reading NTI for Disabled Workers

President Bush Is In A Prime Location for Telework

Sperling’s Best Places produced a full list of Best Cities for Teleworking not too long ago and, based on a myriad of factors ranging from climate and natural hazards to the availability of broadband internet access, Washington, DC came out at the top of the extra large metro areas list. Boston came in second with Atlanta and Chicago rounding out the top four… >>Continue reading President Bush Is In A Prime Location for Telework