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Are You Cut Out for Telecommuting?

Jody Gilbert has a great article over on TechRepublic that provides a nice list of things to consider if you’re thinking of entering the into a telecommuting arrangement. If you look at the list honestly and can see yourself falling victim to even one or two of the things on the list, “maybe your commute to the office isn’t so bad after all.”

10 signs

New Year : New Look

It’s been a couple of years since I began blogging about working at home. So I figured it was long-over due that I get a new look for the site. Since I don’t have the time to work on my own stylesheets and coding, I decided I’d better start with an existing theme and tweak it just a bit to make it my own.

I wanted a nice three… >>Continue reading New Year : New Look

ooVoo (video conferencing tool)

I got an email a few days ago touting a new video conferencing tool, ooVoo, which is still in Beta. So I read some reviews and decided it’s something I’ll put on my to-do list to try out in the near future.

Although I am in constant contact with the office I work with via IM and phone, I am not required to participate in video-conferencing. At… >>Continue reading ooVoo (video conferencing tool)

10 Best Telecommuting Videos on YouTube

I admit I like YouTube and often find myself watching a variety of things from old commercials to television show clips and news bloopers. My kids love weather videos, cartoon videos and cute animal videos.

I remember looking for telecommuting related videos quite a long time ago and not finding much that struck me as handy or informative or funny. But doing a quick search tonight I… >>Continue reading 10 Best Telecommuting Videos on YouTube

Google Business Referral Representative

As noted in a previous post, sometimes you can find a Google job you’re right for. But if there’s nothing to suit you there, you might also try being an independent contractor to Google instead of an employee.

Google offers anyone who’s 18 years of age, able to complete an IRS Form W-9 and access to both a computer and a digital camera the ability to become… >>Continue reading Google Business Referral Representative

Volunteer Your Time Online

Ways Volunteering Can Lead to More Permanent, Paying Work

If things aren’t going well in your search for a telecommuting position, try taking a step back and look for volunteer opportunities so that you can be active online in other meaningful ways. While it may appear totally unselfish of you at first glance, it can also provide benefits down the road. Call it good karma, or networking, or whatever… >>Continue reading Volunteer Your Time Online

Telecommuters/Home Business Owners Offered Assistance from New Davinci Virtual Site

— A User- Friendly Gateway to Telecommuting/Virtual Office Solutions–

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, August 2, 2007 — As more and more workers are telecommuting and more small businesses are “going virtual,” a new, carefully designed and user-focused web site has launched to provide instant access to easily understood information on setting up a virtual office or offering employees a telecommuting option. offers a video presentation… >>Continue reading Telecommuters/Home Business Owners Offered Assistance from New Davinci Virtual Site

Intranet DASHBOARD Announces Telecommuting Survey Results

Survey Shows “Trust Factor” Hampers Widespread Adoption

db logo DALLAS & MELBOURNE, Australia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–International award winning intranet software company Intranet DASHBOARD, today released research information from its new Telecommuting Survey which shows companies are forfeiting telecommuting productivity benefits because they lack trust in their employees.

The results from the US-based Survey show 70% of the respondents were restricted from teleworking, and that the… >>Continue reading Intranet DASHBOARD Announces Telecommuting Survey Results

No Commute at All

The U.S. Census Bureau released a study last week Wednesday as a result of their 2005 American Community Survey, Most of Us Still Drive to Work – Alone Public Transportation Commuters Concentrated in a Handful of Large Cities.

It claims that despite the high price at gas stations, most commuters don’t carpool and continue to drive to work. It also pointed out that 50% of… >>Continue reading No Commute at All

Happy Mother’s Day

I’m a geek. I like numbers and stats so I went looking for fun stuff for Mother’s day and found last year’s U.S. Census Bureau Facts for Features all about moms.

I’m just gonna list fun United Stats mom stats w/o sources – so be sure to check out the Facts page for the original source!

  • Moms = 80.5 million
  • Average number of children

Happy New Year – Happy New You

If you’ve been looking for a telecommuting job – make it your resolution to take one step every day for the upcoming year in that direction.

By January 1, 2008 you’ll have made outstanding progress (taken 365 steps) towards your goal and will perhaps be working at a job you love, from home.

Internet Access for Idiots

I live in the country, on a dead-end dirt road far from the hustle and bustle of city life. I prefer it that way but it certainly makes my options for broadband Internet access next to nil. And if you’re going to be serious about working from home, you definitely need a faster connection than dial-up… sooner or later.

When I began working at home I was on dial-up… >>Continue reading Internet Access for Idiots