Outside the Cubicle Advice From Michelle Goodman

There’s a must-read over on ABCNews written by Michelle Goodman (freelance journalist, author, blogger, former cubicle dweller)…

If you’re looking to find legitimate work at home, go read Show Up at Work … in Your Robe and “Learn How to Land a Work-at-Home Gig Regardless of Your Skill Set.”

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  1. There’s only ONE thing wrong with working in your pj’s and fuzzy slippers. I found this out last week. I start at 7 Am every morning and i actually work from bed lol, Shhhh don’t tell anyone. Anyway, work was REALLY busy and so at 2 PM that afternoon I still hadn’t dressed, nor had I brushed my hair. Then I hear a knock at the door so i log out real quick and go answer. It’s the kids new youth pastor coming to say hello. Soooooooooo, I apologized for my appearance and said a quick hello and dashed back to log into work. Well that was Monday, Wednesday, I get a phone call from another lady at church. Asking me how I am. I tell her i’m okay, she says ” Now hunny, i know you are worried about your health but i want you to know that the good Lord is watching over you adn we are praying for you at church, but you have to fight back too!!” So i’m sorta going ” WTF are you talking about” but i said ” Thank you for that, I’m really okay, i won’t let this stuff get me down. She says ” well you just know that depression is satan draggin you into despair and I am here anytime you need me”. Now i’m really going “WTF?????” I say “Thank you Mrs. C, that’s very much appreciated”. She says ” Okay so now that we understand each other don’t let me hear about you being still in your pajama’s in the afternoon or not caring for yourself young lady”. Apparently, the new pastor thought I was in the throes of depression. I’m plannin’ to kick his butt lol, but i’m making sure i get dressed early from now on. That or just not going to answer the door. Darn small towns!

  2. AAAhahaha. That’s pretty funny, Nessa. I’ve got a few of those stories myself but none quite so good as that!

    Times (and lifestyles) sure do change. I certainly can’t picture June Cleaver, Mrs. Cunningham or Mrs. Brady answering the afternoon knock in PJs.

    My UPS man has caught me in Comfy Lounge-Wear more often than I’d care to admit!

    Comfy Lounge-Wear = Dressy PJs 😉

  3. HEHEHE… I think I have been in your shoes several times. I am a paralegal and I work from home. My son was had morning kindergarten this last school year and I often would go pick him up in just jeans, a t-shirt, hair up in a pony tail and no make up on. People know what I do but at times I don’t think they really believe me. I don’t care though. I’m not out to impress them. I put on my business suit when I have to go to court, meet clients, potential clients or do witness interviews. Sometimes I will even put on a suit when I go into the office. I always wear make up, but… not just to drive over to the school and pick up my son just to come again and work in a space where no one but my 5 year old is who I am impressing. If I am going to the school for a meeting that is different. I just got to where I keep a nice jacket on the hook by the door for those moments someone decides to pop by unexpectedly. Hey… if people gripe too much and I want to be a pain… or they just bug me like no tomorrow because it is just who they are… I may come back with a resounding comment like… “You only wish you had my job!” I did that once and it stopped them in their tracks and they could not find a single come back. LOL

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