We Love the 80s – But Not Their Fax Machines

Big hair. Padded shoulders. Faxing. All things that were popular in the 1980s that today make us wonder what we were thinking. Right?

Not quite. While the first two may have been tossed on the scrap heap of bad ideas, faxing remains a vital part of the business world. Despite the widespread popularity of that ’90s invention – email – faxing is still used on a daily basis to send documents quickly and securely.

One thing that has changed, however, is the way faxes are sent and received. While a fax machine was essentially the only choice back in the ’80s, today more users are choosing an Internet fax service.

Internet fax services are far more suited to the way business is conducted in the new millennium. Following are some examples of the things an Internet fax service can do that a fax machine can’t. >>Continue reading We Love the 80s - But Not Their Fax Machines

Work at Home Writing Gigs at Internet Brands

Internet Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ:INET), is an Internet media company, meaning they publish several websites. They actually own and operate quite a lot of community and ecommerce sites and it turns out they have some writing positions open.

Writing is also a great way to get your feet wet, working at it part-time to get a feel for what it’s like to work from home and be compensated for your work, not your attendance. Lots of telecommuters are either writers by nature or have turned to writing to supplement their work-at-home income. If you’re a writer by nature, it’s easy, but if even if you’re not, it’s still possible to find something that truly interests you and hone your skills. Given the wide variety of subject matters Internet Brands, Inc. deals with, it’s a great place to look for open work at home writing jobs.

Here are a couple of their current openings. >>Continue reading Work at Home Writing Gigs at Internet Brands

What’s in a Phone Number?

by Kevin Baker
Choosing the right name for your small business can have a huge impact on its success. But what about your business phone number? Does it really matter what number you have, as long as it’s printed correctly on your business cards, product literature, Web site, emails and other materials? Actually, it does. >>Continue reading What's in a Phone Number?

FTC Cracks Down on Con Artists Who Target Jobless Americans

Scams Prey on Victims of the Recession With Bogus Job, Money-Making Schemes

(CORRECTED For Release: 02/17/2010) The Federal Trade Commission today announced a new crackdown on con artists who are preying on unemployed Americans with job-placement and work-at-home scams, promoting empty promises that they can help people get jobs in the federal government, as movie extras, or as mystery shoppers; or make money working from their homes… >>Continue reading FTC Cracks Down on Con Artists Who Target Jobless Americans

6 Common Work at Home Challenges

So, what is it really like to work from home? Maybe you’ve been considering this type of career option or you’ve recently begun telecommuting for a company and you’re wondering what it’s really going to be like. While most folks think working from home is easy, it’s really not quite as easy as it may seem. Just as with any career choice, there are challenges involved . . . and since those challenges seem to be rearing their ugly heads lately, I thought I’d give you a peek at the 6 most common challenges that I face every single day. >>Continue reading 6 Common Work at Home Challenges

Telecommuting Search Associate Wanted

I found this on Craigslist and it looks pretty interesting, especially if you’re a really outgoing people-person who wants to work from home but not be cocooned in silence with little day to day interaction.

The Good Search is seeking telecommuting search associates to build out our team. We offer hard-to-find work/life balance recruiting from the comfort of your own home for companies considered to be among the… >>Continue reading Telecommuting Search Associate Wanted

Restless WordPress Theme Syndrome

A look back at Telecommuting Journal over the years . . .

I’ve been working at home since 1998 and blogging about it since January of 2006 (though I really should have started this blog earlier). When I did finally decide to write about it, I chose a domain name and installed WordPress as my blogging platform. Since then, it seems I suffer from restless WordPress theme syndrome (hereafter… >>Continue reading Restless WordPress Theme Syndrome

Career Planning: How to Discover Your Dream Job

by Lynda-Ross Vega

An effective job search begins by figuring out the specific criteria and values you want the job to fulfill. It may sound obvious, but before you can find the job you really want, you have to know what you’re seeking.

When you were a kid, what did you dream of growing up to be?

This may sound obvious, but before you can find… >>Continue reading Career Planning: How to Discover Your Dream Job

Video Related Telecommuting Jobs at Vidli

It looks like Vidli’s hiring and several of their job postings say that telecommuting is OK! So if you’re into video and you’ve got the skills they’re looking for, check out what they’ve got happening behind the scenes.

Here’s a list of the current available positions! >>Continue reading Video Related Telecommuting Jobs at Vidli

Social Entrepreneurship Is On The Rise

by K. MacKillop

A social entrepreneur is a business owner who uses their business acumen to further some social cause. Social entrepreneurism is often thought to be limited to nonprofit organizations, but in fact a push toward “more-than-profit” ventures is on the rise. That is, entrepreneurs are starting for-profit businesses that benefit both the owners’ personal wealth and social change. Social entrepreneurship business models are developing rapidly and are… >>Continue reading Social Entrepreneurship Is On The Rise

Beware of DataMoneyOnline

Paul Schlegel over at WorkAtHomeTruth.com has done a nice job of reviewing the truth behind the sales page for a popular website that’s currently promising this . . .

DATA MONEY ONLINE is as mindlessly easy as data entry. You don’t need to know anything. You don’t need to be especially smart. Hell, you barely even need to be awake and you can earn your slice of… >>Continue reading Beware of DataMoneyOnline

Incorporate Your Business

Years ago, when I left my day job in pursuit of working from home full time, I didn’t want to place all my eggs in one basket. I wanted to have a safety net, something to fall back on in case the contract job I was pursing didn’t work out. So I decided to start a business. My problem – I had no idea what in the heck my business was going to do and I had no money whatsoever to get it up and running. >>Continue reading Incorporate Your Business