Telecommuter Travels

The point of telecommuting is that you don’t have to commute. You work where you live and live where you work which is, for the most part, awfully convenient and comfortable. It certainly does save on gas expense and vehicle maintenance, not to mention the wear and tear on your brain having to navigate busy highways full of other commuters.If you’re telecommuter, working at home sometimes brings with it some… >>Continue┬áreading Telecommuter Travels

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Award-Winning Telecommuting Jobs Site

Telecommuting jobs, or tjobs, is a job-search site restricted to only listing jobs available to telecommuters. The job postings are pre-screened but it’s the user’s responsibility to check out any posted offers they might want to respond to. has been around since 1996 and is still a great resource for finding legitimate telecommuting work.

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Telecommuting Provides Workers Much-Needed Flexibility

In Back the 40-hour Workweek–and Let Us Take a Long Vacation,a recent article in the LA Times, Joe Robinson rants that the average American worker is facing “soaring workweeks, declining wages and health, pension and vacation benefits vanishing faster than you can say job security.”He’s for enforcing a 40-hour work week and legalizing paid vacation. Here’s what he says about telecommuting:
Give face time the pink slip. In… >>Continue┬áreading Telecommuting Provides Workers Much-Needed Flexibility

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Work at Home Ideas from

Starting a home-based business?
You might find the home business and small businesses training and ideas at will help you start, grow and expand your home-based business. They also offer a newsletter called Straight Talk that provides “real-world, common sense strategies for small and home based business success.” is definitely worth a visit.

Looking for something you can do to earn

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One Great Benefit of Working at Home

Yesterday I celebrated President’s Day at the dentist office getting a root canal. My children celebrated it with their father going out to eat, doing some shopping and then working on some fencing in the yard. I scheduled my dentist appointment so that I could work all morning, get my root canal in the afternoon and then come home to rest since my husband would be home that day… >>Continue┬áreading One Great Benefit of Working at Home

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