One Great Benefit of Working at Home

Yesterday I celebrated President’s Day at the dentist office getting a root canal. My children celebrated it with their father going out to eat, doing some shopping and then working on some fencing in the yard. I scheduled my dentist appointment so that I could work all morning, get my root canal in the afternoon and then come home to rest since my husband would be home that day.

Everything went well, except I couldn’t fall asleep and was up most of the night. My husband was sick when he woke up in the morning, but still left for work at 3am as planned. Then, when I went to get the kids up to get ready for school, my daughter had a high fever and my son said his stomach hurt “really bad.” They are still young and enjoy school so much that it pains them to miss their teachers and friends–so when they say they’re not feeling well, they mean it!

If I worked in a traditional setting, I would have had to call my boss to explain the situation and/or start making some alternative arrangements since I would not be bringing the kids to school.

But I work at home! I got the children situated and then walked over to my desk where I log on and do my work every day. I’m still in my slippers and robe (even though it’s approaching noon) and the children are resting comfortably with mom working just a small whisper away. A day like today reminds me why I have worked so hard to work at home and why I like my life just the way it is.

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