Organization is For the Lazy

I remember in college, I visited my girlfriend’s dorm room and saw her very neat and organized desk. Each subject had its own binder. Work was placed in sections with colorful folders. There was a wall calendar with assignment deadlines written in different colored ink (each color signified a different subject). Needless to say, I was impressed and I told her so.

She just waved her hand at me … >>Continue reading Organization is For the Lazy

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It’s All in the Numbers

Lottery players say, “you can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket. – True.

Lottery players also believe the more tickets they buy, the better their chances. — NOT TRUE by the way.

However, this is VERY true for the telecommuting job seeker! Lucky you. The more jobs you you apply for, the better chances you will become employed. So your goal is to get your resume to… >>Continue reading It's All in the Numbers

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Don’t Be a Telecommuting Whore

“I can do anything you need me to do. Data entry? Yeah I can do that. Transcription? Yeah, I can do data entry and transcription at the same time! Cold calling? I don’t have a phone, but I can get the job done. Restructure your entire computerized payroll accounting system, no problem I’ll read these Advanced Accounting text books this weekend and get right on it. I’ll do anything – just hire me!”

Think that’s funny? Don’t! For every job listing that offers telecommuting as an option for the employee, the potential employer gets hundreds of cover letters like it. >>Continue reading Don't Be a Telecommuting Whore

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Refuse To Be a Victim of Scammers

The other day I heard Dave Ramsey (radio talk show on personal finance) say:

There is no easy way out (he was talking about credit card debt), the easy way out is being grown-up enough to say:There is no easy way out! And THAT’S the easiest way out!

And I thought, dog-gone it, that advice applies to finding a telecommuting job as well! >>Continue reading Refuse To Be a Victim of Scammers

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Thank you for having me, I’m so glad to be here!

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself. I am Rosalind Mays the author of “The Real Deal on Telecommuting,” a little e-book that grew much bigger than I ever thought it would. Currently, I am revising “The Real Deal on Telecommuting” and was invited to contribute to this wonderful resource.

I’m new to blogging, so please be gentle with me. I hope to contribute a lot of material to you… >>Continue reading Thank you for having me, I'm so glad to be here!

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The Telecommuting Lifestyle Definitely Has Its Perks

The Boston Globe had a great article a few days ago about telecommuting, how it began and where it’s likely to be going. The article, Telecommuters Tout Perks of Lifestyle, was loaded with interesting perceptions and tid-bits of information.

Loaded with real-life examples, the article noted a few statistics:
In 2005, 44 percent of U.S. companies offered at least some telecommuting options, according to a… >>Continue reading The Telecommuting Lifestyle Definitely Has Its Perks

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TelecommutingJournal Welcomes Rosalind Mays!

I’m very excited to announce that Rosalind Mays is going to be a contributing author on TelecommutingJournal. As you may already know from an earlier post about her eBook, The Real Deal on Telecommuting, it was her eBook that led me down the right path and eventually the message board on her site that led me to the job I have had for… >>Continue reading TelecommutingJournal Welcomes Rosalind Mays!

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