Telecommuters Work Naked?

I have to admit that I was a bit shocked to learn today that about 19% of men and women who work at home admitted to doing so in the buff! I was not shocked, however, to learn that almost twice as many of those who do are men. 😉

SonicWALL released results from a survey conducted with the help of InsightExpress, a company who offers free online polls for websites, that polled 941 remote and mobile workers worldwide.

The work-at-home survey gave some helpful insight into why the trend to work at home is gaining in popularity. 76% of the folks surveyed believe that working remotely helps in productivity and 61% of them thought their managers would agree. Had I been polled, I’d have added to that number.

And working at home is often more comfortable, with 39% of the 941 work-at-homers saying they often did so in sweats. Men are less likely to keep up with personal hygeine than women and women are more likely to be distracted with household chores than men. No surprise there, right girls?

For most, the flexibile schedule is the attraction for working at home. A very small percentage actually take longer lunches than they did when they worked in a traditional office setting (only 12%) but they do eat and drink outside of the standard times for such breaks. Less than half admitted to listening to the radio or watching television while working at home but 21% said they did sneak in an afternoon nap.

The beauty, and sometimes the hard part, of working at home is that if you have something else to do during the normal working hours, the time is simply made up in another part of the day. I’m often off on field trips or running errands on a weekday only to be staying up late at my desk to get in the work for the day.

I guess I fall into common ground for most of the survey responses. Sometimes I do have the radio or television on while I’m working and I often eat lunch (or rather brunch) at my desk while I’m working. However, I have never attempted to work in the nude. I guess I’m too afraid our UPS man would catch me in the act!

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