You Have About 15 Seconds, You Better Shine Baby!

Now that your head is on straight because you will never be a victim to work-at-home scammers and you have a focus on what you can offer an employer . . . it’s time to put your best foot forward and dazzle them.

You have only 15 seconds and an e-mail to impress a potential employer enough to hire you (or at least consider interviewing you), so be exceptional. The key to this (and I’m going to put it in a sentence floating alone so you get the idea how important this principle is):

Your professionalism (your professional manner in your e-mail) is what will convince them to choose you. Professionalism is your most important tool.

Do not hesitate to use this tool! It is your best friend, your life-line to success. So, how do your convey a professional attitude? In 6 little ways:

  1. Keep your personal business to yourself. Talk business and never mention your personal business in your e-mail.
  2. Have your work space set up and ready to work.
  3. Know that the world revolves around “the employer” and point out how your skills, knowledge and experience can fulfill their needs.
  4. Make sure your e-mail looks and is professional (cover letter and resume in the body of the e-mail; no multiple addresses in the TO: section; no cutesy e-mail addresses; and no attachments.)
  5. Make it easy on the employer; hiring you should be simple and convenient.
  6. Be willing to have some face time with the employer to convenience him/her to trust you.

The first applicants who communicate professionally and keep the lines of communication open are often the ones who win the jobs.

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  1. Don’t forget the importance of a follow-up email. Show that you are really interested!

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