Be Careful, Is It Really Employment?

I came across an opportunity to work at home. It was featured in an newspaper article that talked about it as “employment.” Eager to look at it and tell the readers of this blog about this “new opportunity” for employment, I went to the website to check it out — and realized a good lesson that is very important to the telecommuting job hunter.

The difference between employment and self-employment or more specifically, the difference between a job and a business.

Understanding the difference between being an employee and an independent contractor can save you a lot of money as well as keep you on the right track in finding telecommuting work.

For example, the article I read was about someone that utilized a website,, to begin working as a home-based customer service agent.

From what I can see, nothing is wrong with this company. It seems that utilizing this company’s training and strategies can allow you to work from home.

My problem is in the wording that they use: “employee“. When in fact, you are never an employee with this company. This company puts one who wishes to become a CyberAgent CSRs(tm) into business.

The steps that they outline, ultimately trains, sets-up and incorporates the individual to become an “independent contractor.” To do all this, you must INVEST up to $600. Once you have gone through the 8 week process and invested $600, you are then given contracts where you can make up to $14 an hour. (Understand, this is NOT a scam. They are totally above-board with the time and money you must invest to be able to take on these opportunities.)

There is nothing wrong with the scenerio above. It is not a scam. But it is considered a business. Basically, they are helping you set up a “home business.” Yet they still use the term “employee” on their website (which is very mis-leading).

An employee can not (by IRS standards) be an independent contractor. An employee does not need incorporation. An employee does not need to pay for anything to begin working (not equipment, not incorporation, not training). All these things are provided by an employer at no cost to an employee (usually).

Now, if you want to begin a home business, great. Look up, it looks like a reputable company. And I must say, that having your own business entity set-up does open you to contract positions that you can do from home that those looking for “employment” positions may have to pass up. (If you are interested in information on setting up a home business, let me know. I have alot of knowledge on doing that as well).

But, if you want to seek employment (where you submit a resume and time and effort alone), then move on. These types of opportunities are not for you!

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Happy Hunting.