Have Your Work-space/Home-office Set Up and Ready

It’s the recipe for success. When I answered any telecommuting job opening having an office set up and ready for work was a big plus where potential employers were concerned. The less the employer has to do to get you up and running – the better candidate that makes you.

Now, I’m not talking about having all the bells and whistles — all the new gadgets that cost thousands of dollars. There are really 5 elemental things that you need to successfully telecommute. Believe it or not, purchasing these items and setting youself up with them can be tax deductible (talk to your tax advisor before you buy anything).

What’s the equipment recipe for “work at home” success?


• Two (2) phone lines
• A recent model computer
• Fast Internet connection (DSL or cable)
• Software that is compatible with employers
• Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax all in one machine
• Digital camera (optional)

That’s it, equipment you can find in most homes these days.

To demonstrate to my potential employer that I had dedicated space or a “dedicated office,” I would tidy up my space and take a picture of it with my digital camera. Better yet, have someone take a photo of you “in” your workspace. When I applied to jobs, I would submit my resume and and include my work-space photo in the e-mail (embedded in the resume – not has an attachment to the e-mail).

It worked very well for me.

Happy Hunting.

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