President Bush Is In A Prime Location for Telework

Sperling’s Best Places produced a full list of Best Cities for Teleworking not too long ago and, based on a myriad of factors ranging from climate and natural hazards to the availability of broadband internet access, Washington, DC came out at the top of the extra large metro areas list. Boston came in second with Atlanta and Chicago rounding out the top four.

The San Jose area topped the large metro area list followed by Baltimore, Denver and San Diego.

The medium metro area winners were: Bridgeport, Connecticut; Raleigh, North Carolina; Hartford, Connecticut; and Austin, Texas.

Colorado did well in the small metro areas with Boulder and Colorado Springs coming in first and second, followed by Anchorage, Alaska and Akron, Ohio.

The research firm, Sperling’s, and Intel, the technology giant, produced the study that lead to the article, Washington, D.C. Ranked Best City for Teleworking. While the facts are interesting to note – I couldn’t help but think that my tiny little one-caution-light town is an okay place for telework, too!

The one thing that I found most interesting is that the article quoted Nigel Ballard of Intel. It wasn’t so much what he said:

At Intel we’ve experienced the benefits of teleworking for years. We’re a global company, doing business in many locations and across all time zones, the thought of being tied to an office or cube is anathema. And the benefits of teleworking aren’t just added productivity for the employer; there are new and welcome benefits for the employee as well, a more flexible work week, the ability to work efficiently from home and the substantial saving on gas and personal vehicle wear and tear.

It was his title that surprised me a little. Nigel Ballard is the teleworking campaign manager for Intel! That implies that Intel not only offers flexible working options but they are actively pursuing them.
It makes me wonder if there are other folks out there managing teleworking or telecommuting campaigns for large companies.

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