10 Tips for Avoiding Home Business Scams

By Lesley Spencer, MSc.
Founder & Director of HomeBasedWorkingMoms.com

Starting a home business has become a wonderful and attractive alternative for parents across the country. With the advent of the Internet, email and cell phones, working at home has been a very viable option. No other alternative allows parents the opportunity to create their own hours and work aroudn their children’s schedules while… >>Continue reading 10 Tips for Avoiding Home Business Scams

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the FTC’s List of Work-at-Home Schemes

Facts for consumers are provided by the Federal Trade Commission.

The FTC’s Work-at-Home Schemes page includes examples of classic work at home schemes that exist (like envelope stuffing and craft assembling) and also gives you a list of questions to ask before purchasing or joining anything and tells you where to complain if you feel… >>Continue reading the FTC's List of Work-at-Home Schemes

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Telecommuter Appreciation Week

from The American Telecommuting Association:
“We Are Not Alone, We’re Telecommuters”
As we have done every year since 1993, the American Telecommuting Association is declaring “Telecommuter Appreciation Week”. In 2006, “Telecommuter Appreciation Week” falls on the period from February 26 through March 4 (in homage to Alexander Graham Bell, whose birthday is March 3rd).

It is the week in which the ATA supports various promotional activities designed… >>Continue reading Telecommuter Appreciation Week

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Searching on Job Search Sites

One way to look for and find telecommuting jobs is to sift through search results from job-search sites. For example, if you look at Monster.com’s job search page you’ll see that you can enter search parameters.

In the keywords box, enter the word telecommuting, choose a location close to you or leave it blank in the next box and then select a job category. >>Continue reading Searching on Job Search Sites

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Basic Advice for Work-at-Home Wannabe’s

When I first began looking for legitimate work that I could do from home I searched the Internet for “work at home jobs.” I learned very quickly that I (a new mom interested in working at home to find balance between motherhood and career) was the prime target for every work-at-home scam on the web. Continuing my search on the pre-Google Internet was daunting at times but I learned quite a bit. >>Continue reading Basic Advice for Work-at-Home Wannabe's

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TelecommutingJournal is Born

TelecommutingJournal – featuring news, tools and resources for telecommuters and wannabes has finally begun after years of thinking about it.I would like to thank Rob (the support guy in the little chat box) who helped me get things moving in the right direction and I’d also like to thank WordPress for the increasingly nice blog tools they provide. >>Continue reading TelecommutingJournal is Born

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