The Real Deal on Telecommuting

The ONLY thing I ever spent any money on in my own work-at-home job search was an eBook called, The Real Deal on Telecommuting.

Rosalind Mays, the author of the Real Deal, was around on the web back in the late 90’s. I know because I spent the $5 for her eBook and never regretted the purchase. It is actually full of helpful information and it is still reasonably priced at $7.95.

The information in her book helped me learn how to go about looking for legitimate work and anwering a posting on her telecommuting message board is what led me to the primary job I still have today.

She also keeps a list of current telecommuting jobs she finds online so it’s a good place to see what she’s managed to find out there.

Stop by and see what Rosalind’s got to offer. It’s a wonderful resource for legitimate telecommuting work and avoiding scams!


  1. I realize this article is almost 3 years old, so the links might not work anymore. Your “current telecommuting jobs” link goes to an AOL page that says “Hometown Has Been Shutdown”, so whatever was there before isn’t anymore. Is there another place to find that list?

  2. Oh, man. It looks like AOL’s hometown has been shutdown, permanently. It also looks like some folks might have lost some files. I’ll let Roz know just in case she didn’t know (if she even uses that anymore these days).

    I do know that Rosalind has a fairly new blog called Telecommuting Millionaire – it’s actually in the list of links on the left of my homepage. I see the link to her book in her own footer is also still AOL’s hometown address, so I’m thinking she doesn’t realize it’s now gone.

    Thanks for the heads-up, Diva380!
    I’ll see if I can find the list (if Roz didn’t lose it in AOL’s stupidity).
    🙂 Lisa

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