The Real Deal on Telecommuting

The ONLY thing I ever spent any money on in my own work-at-home job search was an eBook called, The Real Deal on Telecommuting.

Rosalind Mays, the author of the Real Deal, was around on the web back in the late 90’s. I know because I spent the $5 for her eBook and never regretted the purchase. It is actually full of helpful information and it is still reasonably priced at $7.95.

The information in her book helped me learn how to go about looking for legitimate work and anwering a posting on her telecommuting message board is what led me to the primary job I still have today.

She also keeps a list of current telecommuting jobs she finds online so it’s a good place to see what she’s managed to find out there.

Stop by and see what Rosalind’s got to offer. It’s a wonderful resource for legitimate telecommuting work and avoiding scams!