Basic Advice for Work-at-Home Wannabe’s

When I first began looking for legitimate work that I could do from home I searched the Internet for “work at home jobs.” I learned very quickly that I (a new mom interested in working at home to find balance between motherhood and career) was the prime target for every work-at-home scam on the web. Continuing my search on the pre-Google Internet was daunting at times but I learned quite a few things that I’d like to share here for any newbies who might be starting their journey online today.

Don’t Ever Pay a Fee to Work: No matter how good it sounds, if you have to pay to WORK, it’s not likely to be much of a deal.

Don’t Ever Pay for a List of Telework-Friendly Companies: Again, it’s probably too good to be true. That kind of information is available on the internet for the taking.

Don’t Expect it to Happen Overnight: Finding work at home is not easy and you shouldn’t expect it to be. Nothing worth having is ever very easily obtained. Just as in almost any line of work, expect to start at the bottom of the heap and work hard to work your way up. Just because a job pays less than you were hoping doesn’t mean it can’t have fantastic future potential.

Don’t Give Up: If you want something bad enough, you can’t give up when things don’t work out. Set yourself some attainable short term goals (like to search for one hour each day or to answer one ad per week) and long term goals (in five years I’d like to have enough work to make quitting my ‘day’ job a reality).


  1. it helped me,
    i was searching for online dataentry jobs without any initial investment,
    i can not find it? iknow msoffice,DTP,autocad..
    can u help me?
    plse reply me?

  2. Remo – I know it’s frustrating, but looking for “data entry” jobs is a pretty broad category. Check out Dissecting Data Entry Jobs to see what I mean. Most jobs online that say “data entry” are usually not JUST data entry.

    Also try reading a no-nonsense post I wrote not that long ago in response to comments just like yours, Finding Telework, and see if that sparks some action on your part.

    I wish you the best of luck in your search!

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