Searching on Job Search Sites

One way to look for and find telecommuting jobs is to sift through search results from job-search sites. For example, if you look at’s job search page you’ll see that you can enter search parameters.

In the keywords box, enter the word telecommuting, choose a location close to you or leave it blank in the next box and then select a job category if you have something in mind (or leave it blank, too).

Then click “get results” to view job titles and descriptions. Right now I see that there are more than 1000 jobs posted that include the word telecommuting. However, if you don’t select a job category, you’ll be wading through techy jobs for programmers.

Just because the job is listed here (or elsewhere) doesn’t mean it’s legit or that it’s right for you BUT it just might be that you find something that you’re interested in pursuing. It never hurts to LOOK!

Other job-search sites:

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