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World Wide Time Killer Survey From OfficeTime

I like infographics, who doesn’t? There’s a pretty cool one from the folks at OfficeTime illustrating the top 10 time killers and ways to thwart them. I don’t use for time tracking – though I think maybe I should give it a spin. I already track time for invoicing and productivity reasons,

As part of the infographic, there’s a flow chart that helps you figure out what kind of procrastinator you are based on the 3 different types of procrastinators that exist as identified by Joseph Ferrari, Ph.D. In general, I’m not a procrastinator at all when it comes to work that needs to be done – though I’ll readily admit that at times I choose to work on something based on the fun-factor rather than the straight deadline factor.

I followed the flowchart for kicks and evidently I’m a thrill-seeker procratinator. I guess given the choices, that’s the best kind of procrastinator to be. What kind of procrastinator are you?

Infographic: Top 10 Time Killers

Top 10 Time Killers – An infographic by the team at OfficeTime Time Tracking

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