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3 Telecommuters Talking About Working At Home

It’s been a really long time since I went looking for telecommuting videos and listed a few of the best ones I could find on YouTube. If you dare to search YouTube for such, you’ll see there’s as much bunk there as elsewhere when it comes to working from home. This time I was surfing specifically for interviews with happy telecommuters and found these three. Enjoy!

In this video, John Berry talks to a reporter from the Holland Sentinel about working as a consultant for Greystone Global – right from his home office in Park Township:

In this video, Barbara Allen talks to Jana Carole about how telecommuting works for her:

In this video, Jen and Barb talk to Risa Green, author of Notes from the Underbelly, about how becoming a mom changes your life and about how working from home can help moms find better balance:

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